Wyndham Cypress Palms


We own a timeshare and are using it for the first time in Orlando. We’re staying at the Wyndham Cypress Palms. Has anyone stayed with Wyndham (anywhere, not just in Orlando)? Has anyone stayed at the Cypress Palms? I’m not sure what to expect.



We have stayed in both the Wyndham Cypress Palm and also Wyndham Bonnet Creek. Both locations are great. CP is 5-10 from all of the parks. Recommend a lakeside room near the pool. Our DD just stayed there w/ her BF and his family. His folks own there.
BC is right next to CBR, accessed through WDW roads. While this resort will require more RCI points than CP, it is a great resort. THis is our only offsite location if there are not any points to use or we fall outside any offers. Again, request a lakeside room. The only downside (not us) to either location is bus transportation. BC has a shuttle that runs between each park almost hourly. Not as frequent as onsite WDW transportation, but if you do not have a car it will do just fine. I do not know if CP has a shuttle. Call, you might require a rental if you are not driving down.
We hop so much that many times we don’t even use WDW trans even when we are staying onsite. We use the AAA Blue Diamond parking pass so hopping is easy as we park at the front of the lots in the designated area and are in our car as quickly as hopping on a bus.
If you plan on driving to the park each day it is time to do some math. Depending on the legnth of your stay you might want to look into someone having one basic Annual Pass. Parking at the parks will be free. Take one tix price, add parking each day to that cost, and see if the AP cost is close in price. You even get other dining and purchase discounts with the AP so having just one can more than makes up for any difference. It always works out to the +++ side for us as a big $$$ advantage. If you buy just one tix (AP or other for 3 or more days) from AAA you can get the Blue Diamond pass. If you are not a AAA member see if a family member is and have them buy it for you.


Thanks @Pam&Rich! Good things to think about!