X-mas phone call from mickey


Has anyone ever sent (or received) a x-mas morning phone call from Mickey?
I understand this can be done but not sure how to check it out.
Thanks for any input.


My DH and I had Mickey call us about 5 yrs ago before we went to WDW. It was so cool even though we were in our late 30s. Don’t remember how we set it up though.


I am in my late 30’s and REALLY wish mickey could call me every morning and tell me how many days left until I come to WDW!:laugh:


Gee, I’m in my 50’s and would like to have Mickey call me too:laugh:


yes - its a recording but still very cool. I had Mickey call for our christmas trip.


How does one go about this? We are going back in Feb but the kids don’t know. Santa is bringing them the trip for Christmas since my 2 year old has been begging to “go see mickey mouse and minnie mouse”. It would be extra special to get a phone call.


April - just call WDW and go through the menu as normal. When you get to a “live” rep - maybe tell the recorded prompt you want to make a reservation…tell the rep what you want to do.
They should be able to help you w/o issue.


Wow! this sounds so cool.
I’d love to speak to mickey!! :laugh:
My friend was telling me just the other day of when she had a phone call from Goofy in MK on her birthday one year!
I love the little personal touches Disney make!! :happy: