X-mas Picture Of Castle


looking to see were i can get the picture of the castle with x-mas lights/blue castle…any help:laugh:


Look at the Trip Report section- I know Wishuponastar took some beautiful photos!


Yes, please look at the trip report link in my signature. When you find one you like just PM me which post # it was in & I can e-mail the high-res larger version (they are pretty small in my TR).


I’m going to try and get some pictures of the Christmas Castle tomorrow and Monday nights. Worst case scenario is I take lower resolution pics with the camcorder.
I’ll check back in on Wednesday when I get home and let everyone know how they turned out, or if they did.


You can find a few Christmas Cinderella Castle pictures (up to 1600x1200 or 1680x1050 WS) on my site WDWLIVE …

Cinderella Castle Wallpaper



Bobster, that is a great resource! What a shot, too. Nice wallpaper for next Christmas!


Wow Rob!! Wow.


I have one from WDW 2006.:smile: Blue Castle and Christmas Tree…but no lights on castle.:sad:

Here are some from DLR 2007.:smile:





you could also try Google images for any Disney photos also allears.com

“love the link” Rob


lovely pictures everyone. That castle sure takes your breath away doesnt it? thanks everyone.


Thanks for the kind words everyone. Happy New Year to all of you!


Bobster, R2G, thanks for those links! The pictures made me actually drool!!:laugh: :laugh:


I have a lot of photos. Some are in desktop form:

MouseSteps - Desktop Wallpapers (Christmas)

This one is my most requested, and we do have a desktop of it up:

(I was actually trying to post the photo, but I guess I can’t here!)


This one also is very popular, though not as much as the last:

I have probably 100 - 200 castle shots.


I have a page of Christmas Castle pics that I took last month…

Castle at Christmas


wow, those pictures are wonderful :happy:


I have on that we took. I will be more than happy to email it to you. I dont know how to post it here on the site but if you will PM me I will be more than happy to email you the ones that I have that we took this year…


Because I promised:


I’ll put up some more later.