Xmas Ornaments!


I am extremely proud to say that I already have my Xmas Ornament!! :laugh:

Way ahead this year!!!


:laugh::laugh: First to buy, has to organize the swap…:rolleyes: j/k


Too funny!

If I was not from the Island of Misfit Toys, I would. Trust me, you don’t want me organizing this!! :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Skwak, as I like to say… I am simultaneously impressed and appalled… :ph34r::ohmy::laugh:


I never gave it a thought until now. I can buy my ornament at the World this year. I hope I know who I have before we get there. :happy:


I can’t believe its almost that time of year already.I’ll have to take a trip to the Christmas Shop when were at Disney World later this month.


I have bought ornaments already, but not for the exchange.


They have some really pretty ones at the Christmas shop…but also in Mouse Gear…I like the Epcot anniversary ones there…


We can buy the ornament any time we want as far as I know. If you see one that you like, grab it!


For sure Dana. I’d just like to know before we leave so maybe I can taylor it to that peoson. Like if I got smallworld, I’d get her the Epcot one.


Hey all! For what it’s worth, I just looked it up, and this was our timeline:

Last half of October: Sign up for the exchange

First week of November: Deadline for sign ups and exchange names went out

Wednesday before Thanksgiving: Deadline for ornament arrival

Like I said, I’m perfectly willing to do the organization again unless someone else wants to take over (I don’t want to hog it) and as far as special accommodations and requests- I can speak for anyone else, but I’m willing to see what we can work out!


Oooooo :heart:


Andrea, I think you did a great job last year. You have my vote to coordinate the ornament exchange again this year.


[QUOTE=skwak;1121940]I am extremely proud to say that I already have my Xmas Ornament!! :laugh:

Way ahead this year!!![/QUOTE]

I had mine in July, and that’s not even counting a couple that I’ve been sitting on for a few years.

We gonna set up the exchange already?

Count on me as an elf, but you don’t want me as the ring leader.


Standard stops are both the Christmas Shop in the MK and Days of Christmas on every visit regardless of season.
I take my Christmas decorations very seriously.


Andrea, you have my vote :slight_smile: xx


Andrea- do take it. You did a lovely job and there was no blood shed…lol


I did have enforcers and elves to help! :happy:


And she made it so fun too.


She did make it a lot of fun