Xmas Parade


Traditionally when does WDW tape the Disney Xmas Parade? I seem to remember usually around Dec 3, 4 or 5th. Any ideas?


It’s the first weekend in December. Sadly we missed it this morning, our timing was off. :crying: DD12 & DD13 kept saying “we missed the parade-we always watch the parade, we never miss it”.


Dececmeber 3rd. And I heard that justin bieber would be there!!


First December weekend. They filmed on the first Friday and Saturday of December this year. They always prep for a 3rd day of filming if necessary.


I was dying yesterday as I watched the parade and the hosts trying to sell that they were actually in the parks live (never mind that it’s only 8:30 in Anaheim and the sun was far too high in the sky) and that they were actually tossing back and forth between two simultaneous parades.
They kept saying how nice it was to be in Disney parks on Christmas morning when I knew they were miles and miles away from those parks!
Then they completely blow the illusion when they start running a blooper reel during the credits.

A live event with a blooper reel?
That’s not Kosher and it isn’t according to Hoyle :laugh:

I even grabbed my Mouseketter ears and wore them for the full broadcast.

And how is it I found myself watching the parade this time?
I forgot about it, but already had ABC on because I was watching “This Week” which ended at 11:30 and I was expecting the local “This Week In South Florida” because even on Christmas morning, if it’s Sunday, it’s Meet The Press and the rest of the talking heads gang.


Wait! you’re saying the parade came on AFTER 11:30? If that’s the case then our local station never broadcasted it. We scrolled ABC channel guide from 10:00am until 1:00pm and the Disney Parade wasn’t there. We figured it must’ve came on at 8:00 or 9:00 cst and we’d forgotten about it.


It was on at noon EST.


It came on at 11:30 AM on Channel 10 in Miami and was over at 1 PM, in time for the NBA games.

*Wait, did it end at 1:30 and I was more intent on opening presents?


When it was on mid morning years ago the kids would watch it between opening stockings and presents. Pam also had the kids eat breakfast at this time before the kids loaded up on cookies and candy.

What little I saw was nothing more than a poorly scripted promotional video for resort and cruise trips. We turned it off after 20 minutes.

Total garbage that the company as a whole should be ashamed of.


They were really pushing the infomercial side of the broadcast this year.
First hint: Samantha Brown’s inclusion.

I didn’t feel like looking for something different and left it on, largely because we switched to U-Verse last week and I’m still learning the channel line up and the interface after so long with the local cable company.


The same thing is said every year. That it’s an infomercial more than a parade. But that’s ok, because I still get to have a little Disney fix and I was able to see more about Aulani. You just have to go into it with the right frame of mind.


I did time it out so that I was able to give the wife a present I got at Uptown Jewelers just as the camera caught sight of the storefront as I announced that the present was from “there”.

In some ways, I accepted all the “packages” for the various Disney products in the same way I accept those prerecorded PR packages for the two colleges that are competing against each other during Saturday afternoon football games.
Yeah, I just went with it and in some ways thought “this is just like the cable at WDW:pinch:”.


oh dear will I get booed if i admit i watched most of it dd came towards the end and i stopped watching. and loved it … the only thing that annoys the heck out of me is the candid shots of the crowds… i dont want to see people i want to see the parade… and it would be nice if the hosts stopped talking…


That’s something NBC excels at during their 4th of July fireworks shows, wasting loads of time on crowd reaction shots in the middle of fireworks.:mad:


I wondered if it was real… I don’t remember it being cold enough in Florida for people to be bundled up like they were. I still have it on DVR if I could somehow get it to you Cyndi. I didn’t think they spent much time at all with the camera on the crowd, not more than a second or two. Whoever was there could not have possibly seen themself on Tv. It would have been very exciting to be there, but I thought the crowd was way over the top, like a bunch of acting. I’m not into any of the performers that were there, don’t even listen to music really, but the way those people (not kids!) were getting down…it just didn’t seem real. Leaving Hawaii before Alauni was complete, I must say it looked pretty cool. This was the first time I ever seen the parade.


Dec 1st is a Saturday this year. Will the parade be that weekend or the weekend after? Anybody know???


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1098124]A live event with a blooper reel?
That’s not Kosher and it isn’t according to Hoyle :laugh:

Most live events I produce end up being a blooper reel. I think it has something to do with using teenagers to run the cameras. :happy: