Xtra magical hours in Epcot


Where in Epcot do you go to get your bracelets for the xtra magical hours? And what time can you go to get them? We have done the xtra magical hours before in the MK but not in Epcot. Thanks


I’d like to know where also.


You should be able to get them by the main entrance I would think. That’s where they are in the other parks.


When we were there last year they had CM’s posted on the walkways between Innovations and the World Showcase, they also had a table towards The Land within the Innovations area. We usually asked in the park to be sure.


We got our wristbands right underneath Spaceship Earth. I’m sure there are several places to get them like in the other parks.


I got mine at the International Gateway between the UK and France.


I had a list that showed it, and threw it away yesterday. We got ours under Spaceship Earth (there were two lines). There was also one in the breezeway between the big fountain and the Land. There is one entering the World Showcase, one at the International Gateway and one in the American pavilion if I remember correctly. There could be others. Our line was long, but only took about 2 minutes to get our bracelet things. The other lines I saw were shorter.


Last summer we got ours in front of American Adventure. There was a long line but it moves really fast.


I beat up a guy smaller than me and took his… :eek:

Just joking… :laugh:

Actually, I’ve never been able to take advantage the EMH’s yet. We thought about it this year, but in May (when we’re going) the parks are already staying open pretty late (MK as late as midnight on some nights) se we probably won’t even need them…


I am new to the Extra Magic Hours. We need to get bracelets? Is there a time and place in all the parks to get them? Sorry for the ignorance, but I know someone out there at DC can answer my questions?

Thanks, Anne


In order to ride any of the rides after the park officially closes, you will need a wrist band. They check for them pretty well, someone tried to sneak on Test Track right behind us and they caught them.

Usually about an hour before closing, they set up the stations. Each person will need a room key to get a band. The stations are easy to spot, and you can just ask a CM if you can’t find one.


Thanks, Mickey! Do they only give out a certain number of bracelets to keep the crowd down? I hope your trip was a good one.


Kewl Thanks everyone for the help. Im glad there are a few different spots in Epcot to get them. All that I can say boy out first night there we are going to be so tired but hey were in Disney and its so worth it. :mickey: :biggrin: :happy:

Thanks again


Nope. Any resort guest is entitled to a wrist band.

We only did evening EMH once (in January '05), and found MK to be more crowded during that 3 hour period than any other time during our stay. After that, we avoided evening EMH. However, I would imagine Epcot would not be quite so crowded, and EMH is best for busier travel times.


Thanks, Cavey!

I appreciate the info, Anne