I just booked All Star Music for September!!!:happy:
I just decided in the last 2 hours to change our trip from Williamsburg VA to WDW!!!
With a really great Southwest rate, and $64 at ASMu, I couldn’t resist!
So, instead of spending our one year anniversary in Virginia, we’ll be in WDW!
I’m so psyched!
When I called to book it, the lady was like “Wow, $64, that’s a great rate!” She sounded all suprised that they were offering it so low!
It will be a very short trip, Sept 14-17th, but I don’t care! We’ll be arriving mid-day on the 14th, and leaving late on the 17th, so we should have plenty of time to see the important things.



I wish I could hop on a plane for $64.00.

I think I need to move. $2,000.00 to get to the US just costs too much. :angry:


That’s great news Cosmicwavs! You don’t know of any deals for flights from Baltimore (BWI) to Orlando or Panama City (PFN) do you? My friend is flying down to Orlando or Panama City to go to WDW with me for her birthday in February. LOL


That’s great Cozzy.

We’re going to have so much fun, just you, me and your husband at WDW for your anniversary :pinch:

Seriously, did you get that rate through AAA, or did you use the code Mickey gave us yesterday?


I wouldn’t mind you being there Ingy, but DH may have a problem with that!:tongue:

I got that rate with the BPO code that Mickey gave us.
I couldn’t resist!
I havn’t stayed on property since 2002, so I’m excited to be able to again!


I got the airfare through Southwest, and they won’t have their February dates out for a while yet…just keep looking!


WOW… That’s great…
We will be arriving on 9/16… maybe we’ll bump into eachother


Maybe…where are you staying?


We are going for our one yaer anniversary to!! I am so excited. We are going September 9 - 15.


How exciting! Last minute changes are usually the most fun and when it’s that cheap who could have any complaints. Have a great time and congrats on the anniversary. Anniversaries are much funnier when they are shared with Mickey!:wub: :wub: :wub:


We are staying at the Riverside.

Miss SMIG will be celebrating her 13th birthday on 9/16.
My hubby (2nd) and I will be celebrating our 10 years wedding anniversary on 9/22…

Looks like everyone will be celebrating that week!


Well then Mickey and the gang should give us all an extra special treat since we’re all celebrating, don’t you think?


I agree!!! I’m thinking about getting my husband something and having it in our room already for when we arrive. He has never been to Disney before and i want it to be even extra magical!!


Yes I do agree… how about dinner at V&A… now you know I am dreaming!


His first time…very exciting!
I don’t have any suggestions for you, but I’m sure someone here will have some ideas!


Somehow I don’t think that will happen…:pinch:


I realize that, but I can dream can’t I… :cool: