Yacht Club Galley


I have this on my list of places to try this summer. Has anyone here tried it before? It sure sounds good from the menu.


Sounds like money to me.


Do you mean “money” as in it’s expensive or “money” as in Swingers?


Actually, the menu look spretty reasonable. http://www.allearsnet.com/menu/menu_ygd.htm


I meant both (golly, I haven’t seen Swingers in AGES!!) :biggrin: But I was actually thinking of Yachtsman Steakhouse (silly bali)! The Yacht Club Galley prices do indeed seem reasonable – and it looks yummy, too. :happy:


I ate there a couple of years ago, total waste of money. By far the worst place I had eaten in years. It was a bit late, but the food was horrible, and the service was lacking. Our server vanished for over 45 minutes just as we were finishing, and there wasn’t another one in sight. We finally had to walk to the front desk to get someone. It closed shortly thereafter, and was closed for quite a while. I have heard it improved, but it still rates poorly in the Unofficial Guide. I might suggest you try Spoodles on the Boardwalk, Beach and Cream in the Yacht/Beach Club or even ESPN on the Boardwalk.


Wow Mickey what a terrible experience!:crying: Glad you warned everyone, though.


Spoodles is fun and yummy!!! And not too expensive! Take a walk around the lake and try it!


So, it’s rated poorly, huh? That’s a shame. I might just give it a try some night for myself anyway, since we’re staying at the Swan and will be in the area. Because I wasn’t thrilled with Spoodles at all and I’ve heard lots of good things about them and we had a horrible experience in the Brown Derby too (bad food, unbelievably slow waiter!!). I guess you never know.


Really? That’s a shame, we had a very nice experience at the Brown Derby. Did you go during a busy time or was the waiter just idiotic?


We’ve only tried the Brown Derby once and I think I ordered the wrong thing. The Cobb Salad just wasn’t my thing. I’d like to try it again and order something different. My dh really enjoyed his steak there and the grapefruit cake was good.

If you don’t like Spoodles - what about the Flying Fish? I’ve heard very good things about it.


Also, the Big River Brewing Co. on the Boardwalk is very good and reasonably priced. Plus, you can try several of their own brews which is always fun.


He was a doofus. Very polite and cordial, but still worthless. We missed The Osbourne Lights solely because of him. After losing him several times we finally got another waiter to go find him. When he came back to our table, we told him we were in a hurry (it was the only night we had to see the Lights) and we wanted to order dessert and get our check. After about an hour, we had someone go get him again. We didn’t leave him much of a tip.

Also, two of the women in our group had used a park admission and never got to do anything but eat that dinner (and as I said, we didn’t have good luck with the food that night either. We had to send some food back it was so bad), so they both went to Guest Services to complain. Fortunately, their park admission was refunded.

I didn’t hate Spoodles, just wasn’t thrilled with the food. It sounded much better than it tasted. The service there was top notch as was the ambience.

Is the Big River Brewing Co, really worth the visit? I had assumed it was like any Micro brew chain restaurant.

Gosh, I sound like a real picky eater, don’t I? Really, I’m not. I guess it’s just that I’ve had so many good meals at Disney that I’ve come to expect a higher level from them.


Although the atmosphere wasn’t particularly “Disney”, I thought the food was great and the service was fast and polite. We were there during Easter week - our server got three tables all at once but still ran like heck to serve everyone speedily and he kept a smile on his face. The food came out quickly too. Definitely worth a try.


BIg River Brewing Co. is a chain. There is one in CHattanooga, tn. I am not sure if it originated there or not- but it is near the aquarium!!!


Oh, I didn’t know it was a chain! Shows what I know!:pinch: