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Where are the concierge level rooms at Yacht Club? Are they near the quiet pool and tennis court? Anyone played tennis there? I’ve read that the Stormalong Bay pool is being closed in sections, does that mean some parts are open now or is the whole thing closed? I’ll take any tips or info, we’ve only stayed at MK resorts in the past.

YC Jan 20-27, 2009


I am not sure. With your trip being so close, you may want to call the resort directly and ask. Please let us know what you find out.



We’ll be at the BC, also club level this upcoming weekend.

When I emailed IPO, they assured me that SAB was being refurbished in sections. The first part they are doing is the slide (being done now) which is a bummer, we’ll miss it!!! Good thing this is a girlfriends trip, I think if the family was going we’d need the slide!! LOL

You can use the Boardwalk pool if you’d like. (also in email from IPO)