Yacht or Beach Club and why?


We are planning another trip at the end of January! :goofybounce:

It will be just DH & I…no kids allowed trip! :cheshire:

So, where should we stay? I think I have it narrowed down to the Yacht or Beach club. We have never stayed at either. I would love if you all would share you thoughts on which of these would be the best for us and why?


There is no real difference between Yacht and Beach.
For all intents and purposes, they are one and the same.
The same room service and the same Stormalong Bay.
That said, we’ve stayed at the Yacht more times than the Beach, but for no real reason other than room availability and discount offered.


We have stayed at BCV and just love being able to walk to two parks. I really love when the fireworks are done at Epcot, I don’t have to be one of the 7 million people leaving the park at once. Plus I can be “home” in 10 min, which is why we are staying there for 10 days (still working on getting all 12 days there) this dec.


Not much of a difference between them other than room decorations. I just love that location being able to walk to both parks plus the entertainment on the boardwalk. You just can’t go wrong…have a great trip


There is no real difference between the 2. They are sister resorts that are joined, and share everything. We prefer BC over YC, only due to the decor. The BC is just light and airy, and the YC just seems a little more stuffy to us. Yo can not go wrong with either one though.


Thanks for the info everyone. I think we are leaning more towards the YC since we will be without the kids this trip. Not sure if it is, but it seems a little quieter.

What dining options are available and any suggestions?


I have found the YC to be a bit more stuffy. People were more dressed up in the lobby, etc. It may be that the YC hosts events or groups. I would choose Beach Club.


In some ways, that is the difference between a yacht club and a beach club.
Plus Yacht Club is supposed to be reminiscent of a New England yacht club, while Beach Club is supposed to have a Jersey shore resort vibe (Cape May Cafe?) although Boardwalk just screams Jersey shore to me.
What I’ve noticed is there is often spill over crowds from conventions at Dolphin, which means lots of attendees in suits with name tags. Don’t forget that Yacht/Beach also has a convention center.
One other thing is that Yacht hosts a wedding gazebo next to the turret that faces Crescent Lake and is used fairly often. This means more dressed up people in the lobby.


I would gladly stay at either resort. The Yacht Club is quieter and much less busy feeling, the Beach Club lobby always seems busy and loud.


I think the YC is probably best for this trip exactly because of this reason. I also like the idea of a full balcony here vs BC too. :happy:


That’s because the Cape May Cafe’s check in stand is basically in the lobby, as are most of the diners waiting to be seated.


That is part of it but the lobby is busy all day, even when Cape May isn’t open.


Maybe there’s a greater percentage of business and convention guests at Yacht?
Maybe part of it is the general mood of the Yacht’s lobby? (That understated “New England old money” vibe to the theming)


We like the BCV. I agree, even though we only ate at the Yacht Club, it did seem “stuffy” I felt more comfortable with the kids at the Beach Club


The Yacht Club is a conference resort, do to that you will find many folks in suits from time to time when a conference is happening there. It can be a little disconcerting to walk in from the pool in your swimsuit and find a gaggle of business folks in the lobbY. Personally doesn’t bother me all that much, lol. I used to attended the Lotusphere conference every year and always tried to stay at the Yacht Club. The Beach Club is a little closer to the EPCOT entrance and that is nice, it is a 5 minute walk at most.

I am such a YC nut, that I bought a set of shower curtains from the Yacht Club on eBay, just so I had that Disney feeling in the morning, it actually makes the early morning a little more bearable.


I am such a YC nut, that I bought a set of shower curtains from the Yacht Club on eBay, just so I had that Disney feeling in the morning, it actually makes the early morning a little more bearable.[/QUOTE]

Good idea! :happy:


I also prefer the YC over the BC because it is much quieter and the decor is much nicer as well. If you were to bring children I would recommend the BC but if its just the two of you, then the YC might just be a bit more romantic…

Either way, Stormalong Bays somewhat hidden hot tubs will be a nice refresher from your days at the park… And the steak house at the YC is fantastic as well!