Yachtsmans Steak House


Had anyone eaten at the Yachtsman Steak House. I know it counts for two sit down meals and am wondering if its worth it. Good for children? Hoping to make my ADR today if all goes well. Thanks for any input.:angel::flowers:


I ate their with my family once, it’s very nice and elegant. It was excellent, kind of fancy though if i remeber correctly. It’s also very expensive it’s about $36-$59.99 per person.

  • Justin


It is worth it. However, if you aren’t on a Disney Dining Plan, you should also consider Shula’s Steak House in the Dolphin.
Of course, real steakhouses like these restaurants are pricier than your neighborhood Applebee’s. They also serve huge portions of steaks of the best quality.


It’s one of our favorite places to dine at WDW.


Just ate there on December 17th. DH ordered the scallop appetizer and Sirloin steak dinner. I had the Artisan Cheese appetizer and the Filet Mignon dinner. We shared the ice cream sundae for dessert. One word - AWESOME! The beef is aged and the sauces are superb. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. Dec 17th was our actual 25th Wedding Anniversary date. We originally wanted to celebrate with dinner at LeCellier (our favorite restaurant at WDW) but it was booked solid for lunch and dinner every day of our trip. We checked daily for cancellations, but no luck. As it turned out we are very glad we had the opportunity to try the Yachtsman’s. The total price without gratuity was $146. We left a $30 tip as the waiter (Eric) provided excellent service. Using the DDP the Yachtsman’s is worth the 2 credits - IMHO.


Yachtsman is expensive but usually worth it. Great ambiance, fun waiters, many have been there since it opened. We’ve eaten at Shula’s @ the Dolphin, and it is great too. To me I believe the prices are about the same. Haven’t eaten at Shula’s in about a year though. Shula’s is very cluby… NFL style. Hey, it’s Shula’s <g>.



Ate there a couple of nights ago… the sweetbreads appetizer and the scallops appetizer were amazing. Excellent wine. The bearnaise sauce was delicious on the steaks. I enjoyed it very much.

I agree with Soundgod, though, if you are not on teh dining plan, you might want to look at Shula’s which is outstanding.