Yahoo! My super-duper bargain from TDS


I was at a mall that is a distance from my home today. There is a Disney Store there that still looks like TDS looked before they were sold to The Children’s Place (and remodeled stores seem to have no Disney ‘feel’ at all!) Anyway, I went in to look around. they were having a sale (addl. 50% off selected items that were already reduced.) I got the Incredibles Musical Snowglobe for $20!!! It was originally $78.00. I am wicked happy to be able to add it to my collection and the price makes it even sweeter. Yahoo!


Congrats to you on your shopping trip. You sound like you got yourself some great bargains. Way to go! :flowers:


lopo - you said “wicked happy”

you must be from New England! ROFL!!

Have you ever seen Mr. Deeds!?


WOW! A snowglobe for $20–musical no less! You scored the deal of a lifetime! :whistling

Did you know that scoring a great bargain like that is one of the things that releases the highest amount of endorphines in your body? No wonder shopping is so fun! :laugh:


I got 2 disney cuties keychains for 99 cents each, and bought two stuffed stitches for Meghan one valentine’s one for 49 cents and another one for 2.00 and a few (4) shirts for us to take to WDW for 4.00 each. W got a stitch (meg), a tink(meg), a grumpy(me), and I love grumpy guys(meg - she wanted that one cause of her grampa). All in all the total with tax came to 22.00. I don’t think that was too bad for everything.


$22 for a Disney snowglobe is a great deal! Congrats! I used to collect Disney snowglobes until all of mine started getting air bubbles about a year after I bought them. It is so hard to look at all of them at WDW and not add to my collection, they are just so nice.


Yes, Erin, I am a New Englander. I haven’t seen Mr. Deeds (my kids rented it when it came out but I didn’t get a chance to watch it, too).

lawwin, you, too, did ‘wicked good’ at TDS!

dznygrl, RE:

scoring a great bargain like that is one of the things that releases the highest amount of endorphines in your body?
I never heard that! No wonder shopping (esp. bargain hunting) is my main hobby! I’ll have to share that with my family. :excl:

DisneyTeacher, golly, I am sorry to hear about the air bubbles in your globes. You can bet that I’ll be checking out my collection. When I first started collecting these, I almost gave up because my kids and the cat were young and it seemed that I was losing too many because they were breaking them (no matter how careful I was RE: placement. And, I can still recall the long-gone ones fondly. I was unable to replace them.) Also, my collection was music boxes, but Disney stopped producing just music boxes. They moved to the musical snowglobes. I had hoped that it was a temporary marketing thing, but the snowglobes became the norm. It is very rare that I am able to find a Disney music box now.

Dana, thanks for your kind words! I am still feeling good (must be those endorphins hanging around!) about my bargain.