Yak and Yeti, not quite ready


I put up like 30 Yak/Yeti photos (it is going to be HUGE), as well as CR and Toy Story mania photos. Yak and Yeti seems like it will take a while longer, still quite a bit to do. But what is there looks great!



Where, where are those pictures. I would love to see


All of my updates go on this page:

MouseSteps - Park/Resort Updates

The place is going to be enormous, really!



thanks for the update on that.


Sure. I wish it were going faster, but it should look terrific when done!



It will be nice to have a few more dining options in that park. I like the idea of another sit-down besides rain forest and breakfastsaurus. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done.


Love the pictures! PS…the nighttime shots are awesome!


Thank you! I am just getting back into that, so it’s pretty new to me again (I took a 6 year hiatus from any real photography, until this year). I plan to do more of the night photo’s. :slight_smile:



I have thought that for 10 years! I thought it’d be nice if they had a dinner/show combination, so to keep AK open. I’m not sure they need that now with Everest, but Animal Kingdom is such a lovely evening park.



Wow those were great photos!


Great shots! I can’t wait for another restaurant to be added to AK! It will be nice to have another sit-down rather than another counter service!


awesome photos! are they all digital?


Just checked again, the CM told me they were planning on opening in Novemeber sometime, but no ressies are being taken yet???

2 days to November…

Looking forward to a new dinning spot in AK in December, hope it’s up and running!


I was over there yesterday, taking pics for my site. A CM in front of it assured me it’d be open for November, but there is still quite a bit of work that looks like it needs to be done. So we’ll see! Disney seemed to speed up work on Teppan Edo and opened it in early October. I stopped by T-Rex also, and there is a lot of work being done there.

Christmas decorations are up at MGM as of the last couple of days!



Cool! So exciting to hear about the Christmas decorations. I can’t wait!!


The decorations are somewhat early, they knew that I would be there soon, I am sure :biggrin: and they look fantastic :happy:


Yes, well, of course, they put them up for you!


I’m not giving up hope for Yak and Yeti, I’m keeping a day open in December.


I hope it’s open! Teppan Edo looked like it was taking forever, and then it opened. So here is hoping!



Same Here!