Yak and Yeti....when?


We have been waiting so long for a nice dinner experience at AK and it sounds like the Y&Y is going to be great! All over the web, it says opening Fall 2007 - but WDW DINE has no info on it - any insiders know what’s happening?

:laugh: Den


I had asked that question a while back, and no one was able to answer.

I’m completely stumped because Disney doesn’t even list it on there site as “Opening (is it October 17? That sounds right…).” I guess you could call and ask about it… I’ll be making some ressies soon, so I’ll see if I can get any info, then.


This is on AllEars:

The Yak & Yeti restaurant opening has been pushed back to November 14, 2007. (It was previously reported that the opening would be October 8.)


Yes, it’s been delayed and they’re not going to start taking reservations until they’re absolutely sure of the opening. I hope they’re open by the time we get there, I’d like to check it out.


The last time I was there, it didn’t look close to being ready to open (though they did well at getting Teppan Edo ready for yesterday, after it looked far from ready-for-prime-time not too long ago).

I’ll get some photos this weekend.



I wanted to try them out but I didn’t want to get there and they are closed.I have read that they were behind schedule and figured I will try in April instead.


We want to try it when we go in Febraury also! When we were there in the beginning of september it didn’t look to close to opening


I don’t think any time soon. Two weeks ago, they still hadn’t put the exterior sheathing over the insulation. This baby is a good two months from opening if it’s a day. However, two months is December 8, which if you look, is still “fall 2007”. Remember, it’s fall until December 21.


I am there Dec 1-8th :ohmy: and then off to Disney’s Vero Beach. Hey, if not this time - next time - but we’ll keep the fingers crossed.

I enjoy so many of the resturants, but there is something about trying something brand new.


Disney is hiring CM’s for this location Thur, Friday and Sat. I believe the ad said that training would begin next week. Hopefully it will open sooner than we think!


I hope so! It may have sped up building since the last time I was there. :slight_smile:



I’m not sure how to copy the webpage to a MB post, but here is the link:


lol… I guess I dont know how to do that either! Sorry! Here’s what it says!


is a restaurant and
quick-service market
featuring delicious Pan-
Asian cuisine, situated
at the base of
Mt. Everest in the
town of Anandapur
Disney’s Animal
Kingdom ®®

Servers, Hosts, Bussers,
Bartenders, Cashiers,
Food Expeditors,
Prep/Line Cooks,
Dish Machine Operators, Cash Office Personnel,
Retail Sales Associates

We offer excellent
medical/health benefits,
Disney cast member
perks and super
employee discounts!
Apply in person
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
only at:
Rainforest Cafe
Disney’s Animal
Kingdom ®®
505 N. Rainforest Road
Ph: (407) 824-9384

So MB’ers who is ready to give up reality and come work in the Happiest Place on earth?!?


I think the most recent opening date I have seen is November 15th from the WDW report on the mouseplanet.com website. PLEASE LET IT BE SO!! :wink:

I will be there at that time and am really looking forward to having a heaping helping of Yak and Yeti… MMMMMMmmmmmMMMMmm! :happy:


What about Tusker House? Has there been any more word about that? I know its supposed to re open in November as well, but I was wondering about what the buffet would be.


I thought I’d heard that Tusker was open or would be very shortly and that they’re taking reservations.


Disney can really turn on the speed when it comes to finishing a project. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do get it finished by the middle of November. I’m hoping, anyway.


Sometimes they are slow (I’m hearing that SE might take much longer, but I was told that a couple of months ago). You just never know! I hope it is sooner than later.



I’m leaving now for an Interview here! Any Pixie Dust is greatly appreciated!


I hope you get the job! :smile:

Please let us know when it’s supposed to open.