Yak and Yetti......?


Has anybody done this one yet? I have not seen
much on it, comments please. I thank you kindly


Franco. I posted several comments back in Dec. At the time I gave it a good review. We shared the Dim Sum appetizer and thought it was good.

For the main course I had the duck which was very good (not overcooked and dry like so many other places, esp. chain type restaurants). My wife had the tempura which was just okay. The tempura at Tokya Dining (in EPCOT Center) was much better.

If you like asian style food, I say give it a try, I know we will be returning, but I expect this may turn into a love it or hate type restaurant, depending on what dish you order.


We ate here in December (sitdown) and liked it very much. The food was good. Not really awesome but good. Try the huge brownie sundae for desert but be ready to share as it is huge.

Try to sit upstairs if you can. I think it is much quieter there.


I loved it. I had potstickers for an appetizer, and sweet and sour chicken as an entree. It was all good.


If you decide against doing table service there, or unable to fit it in, lunch at the counter service is a great alternative. I ate there for counter service lunch in Nov. and thought it was a GREAT & a different option. A LOT of food, we couldn’t even finish, but everything tasted fresh & we really enjoyed it. I had honey chicken & Daniel had the Sweet & Sour pork. I think I posted a review of it in my trip report (link below). Let us know what you decide (post #59, #66, & #67).

PS: we DID notice the couple times we passed the actual table service entrace people were LINING UP like mad to try & get in. Not sure if that was because it had just opened, but I suggest making ADRs to save some trouble, just in case.


We are going there during our vacation, I will be sure to post all about it!


We were there opening day but didn’t want to spend time in the table service restaurant. We tried the Counter service restaurant and thought it was really good. I posted some pictures of it in my trip report, if you want to go and see.

I was surprised at how much I liked it, not being fond of any sort of counter service/self serve style eating :wink: