Yamaha Podcast on Disneyland Resort


I was browsing on Drum Corps Planet, when I noticed a Disney banner, so of course, I had to click!

Check it out: Yamaha Corporation of America - Podcasts and RSS 2.0 Feeds


Yamaha is the official instrument of ALL of Disneyland. I own a music store and attend the trade show out there every year. Yamaha always puts a great show on!


Yamaha mainly specializes in percussion equipment and low brass.

Well, the new Yamaha trumpets are catching up to the Bach Strads, however, I have never had much luck with Yamaha saxes. They’re on the higher end of the advanced section, close to Jupiter, but it doesn’t measure up to my Antigwa Wind, and there’s no way it could ever come close to a Yanagisawa or Selmer Paris.

It’s smart for Disney to choose one brand to cover all instruments, though, and Yamaha is so versatile.


Ahhh, cool! Thank you Victoria! I watched and entered the contest. I used to have a Yamaha bass trombone, a regular Yamaha trombone, a Yamaha baritone… I was a low brass girl :laugh: