Yankee Meet and Greet - other side of the story


Well I won’t have the pleasure of leading you on with a teaser, but I truely wanted to give my take of the wonderful afternoon I just spent with doughnut and HB.

Doughnut and I decided a meet was in order shortly after the holidays. We wanted to make it for February after her trip to WDW. Things didn’t work out for the month of February becasue I was preparing for inventory for my store and days off aren’t the normal for me at that time. I pmed her the weekend it was over and asked if today worked for them. She asked HB and soon responded with a “yes!”

I was very excited about this meet and greet for many reasons. Doughnut and I have hit it off from her very first post and have agreed on many different topics. We share pms and get along very well. She has defended me on many occassions and I am grateful for her friendship, faith and loyalty. More than the above mentioned, I am grateful for the way she makes me laugh and smile. She truely is a gem as is her HB.

The day started off a bit crazy here for me. DD has her girlfriend sleep over and they were up to all hours of the night. Not usually a big deal for me. I take pride in being the cool mom who lets the kiddos stay up all night, but the girl was getting picked up at 9am and I wasn’t happy at 2am when they were still going strong. My alarm went off a 8:15 am. I woke up the girls with a little bit of sick pleasure…they were SOOOO tired! Yeah, well so was I at 2am. Stinks to be you…lol I am not totally heartless, so I drove over to good ol mc donalds and got them a fast food breakfast. They ate and Geena’s mom was here moments after they finished to take her to choir practice.

Sara fell back to sleep (the brat) and I logged on to DC to see if llama was on. I read some posts for an hour or more and then jumped in the shower. I got ready slow…I was unsure what to wear. I wanted to make a good impression, but didnt want to get to fancy. It was a weekend and I rarely wear anything fancier than a pair of sweats on my off days…lol I settled on jeans and a pink mickey and minnie t-shirt. I changed the shirt at least three times and ended up back with the pink T…lol It’s always like that for me…changing and changing and changing until I find something that makes me feel comfy.

Hair and make-up done, I got back on the computer and waited for time to pass. At about noon, Geena got dropped back off so she could go to the lunch with us. Dougnut promised to bring pins and the girls were totally pumped about that. Geena has never traded and made Sara practice with her so she was sure she had it right. :wink: How hard is it? lol

At about 12:45, I rounded up the girls and headed to the dinner/cafe. It is about 3 minutes from my house, so I was there by 12:48 easily. I wanted to score the big booth by the window, so I could see when they arrived. Being early birds like me, they were there minutes later. We just put a drink order in. I saw them walk up and immediately smiled. I told the girls that I would be right back and I trotted to the doors to go get my friends.

I swung the door open and said right to HB “I recognize you” With that said, I pulled them in for a great big hug. Who could not meet these two and not want to hug them immediately? We went to the table and I introduced them to the girls. It’s at that point that I realized that I didn’t now HB’s first name…lol doughnut called her bear and that is what she is to me now too. Bear…love her.

The waitress came and I asked for kids menus for girls. The portions are HUGE at this place and the kid’s menu is just fine for them. The girls ordered he wings and FF platter along with a red bull. Me and doughnut got the hollywood burger and HB got the chicked Gyro.

While waiting for the food, we chatted about everything DC and disney. I felt like I have known these two forever…it was that comfortable. doughnut whipped out her pins for the girls as we waited for the food. I don’t even know how many they swiped off her cause she just let them go at it…I hope you got good trades from them doughnut. The girls got some great pins from you…lol

The food arrived and we continued to talk about life etc. We did focus on some DC members that we both have in common, but everything said was positive and with a sincere love for the person we were speaking of. We decided that Boss mouse must come to our next lunch that we are going to have in Delaware. I hope we can get some other local DEcers to join us for some lunch and pin trading.

The girls got a small dessert the adults all declined the sweets and we continued to talk. Had we not felt a bit guilty about boring the children to death, we would have went on all night.

Two hours later, we called our lunch over and went out front to say good bye. My DD snapped a picture of the three of us with their camera and we hugged and kissed good bye. I would just like to add that many of you Dcers know that I am not a mushy huggy kissy kind of person, but there is no way I could leave these two any other way. They are that special. I even agreed to a group picture…they must have slipped me something in my drink…kidding of course.

So, that is my side of the meet and greet. The doughnut and I are definately going to arrange another, so all interested parties keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Thanks to both doughnut and HB for a great day! :heart: It was truely a pleasure. :heart:


What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!! Sounds like you all had a great time.


Aaawwww! So nice! I’m so excited that you guys all got to meet! I was with you in spirit!

You should definitely arrange for some more meet 'n greets with DCer’s in your neighbourhood! If you can’t be at WDW - that’s got to be the next best thing. You guys are all so funny - I’m sure you had a blast!


The only thing that would have made it more special was if you were there. The four of us must meet in WDW one day. We will have a blast!


I am so jealous! It sounds like a wonderful day. I wish I lived closer, I would join your next mini meet in a heartbeat.


I’d come to New Jersey, but I’m afraid of Tony Soprano :crying: Maybe one day at WDW… :wink:


Stephanie -
You would have made a perfect addition to our group. We have to leave the Dh’s, DK’s and everyone else behind for a DC weekend at WDW…it would be a blast. I wish you lived closer too. :heart:


Tony Soprano is no where near me…he’s north jersey near NY. You only have philly mob over in these parts :ninja:


Oh - that’s different then. lol So - when would you like me to come?


Is tomorrow to soon? I have two weeks vacation to burn and would love to make it a DC vacation.


Wow sounds like a great lunch. Cant wait to see the pic.


The picture is in doughnut’s report. She has some great scene by scene pictures of her drive over. Please do read her take on it. She’s hysterical. Thanks for reading about our day. :heart:


I am so happy you guys had a mini meet and greet. Hooray!!!


Tony Soprano is no where near me…he’s north jersey near NY. You only have philly mob over in these parts

I know what you mean. But we do have cheese steaks…


It’s so cool you guys got to meet! What a great time!!


Aaaaaaaaah!!! I love it! I love it! I love it!

OMg! HOw cool!! Y’all ROCK!

OMG! :c) What a terrific surprise!!

I’m in shock! I’m so jealous! I’m so happy for y’all!!

I couldn’t agree more, Dana. When you see Doughnut and Honeybear - you gotta hug them!


Awwww, sounds awesome! Makes me want to go to a meet & greet!


That is very cool Dana!! It is always nice when you get to meet people that you have become friends w/ over the computer…you feel like you already “know” them!!


I am glad you guys got along so well…I am a little green with envie. I have donut envie, HB envie, Dana envie YIKES


Dana–HB and I just stumbled on this thread…how nice to be thought of so well by such a sweet person… :blush: :blush: We did have fun. Wicked good fun.