Yankees/Baking Fans


I am hoping that someone here on MB will be able to help me. I am trying to help my mom find NY Yankee cupcake liners. As you can imagine, living in Texas it is extremely difficult to find something of this nature :laugh: ! Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean that we should not continue to support our favorite team. I have tried to find them online to no avail. If anyone can tell me where I could order them from I would greatly appreciate it.



Have you looked on the Yankees official site? Perhaps there is a link there? Or you could look at Wilton’s site, or Michaels or JoAnn’s websites?


MissDisney can maybe help you out.


I already checked the Yankess and Wiltons. I’ll give Michaels, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s a try. Thanks.


Have you had any luck yet?


No, not yet.:pinch: I guess I just assumed this was going to be something easy to find. Our next step is going to be to check with our local grocer/bakery department to see if they can order something for us.


Oh that might be a good idea! I wish you luck!


Have you considered just piping the Yankees logo on the top of the cupcake? They make those easy to use little tubes of icing that you can write with. I’d think people would notice that more than the papers themselves.


I will look this week at a local store that I know.