Yatchmans v. Cali Grill


We decided to go with the quick service dining plan this time. We do have reservations at both Cali and Yatchmans, and have decided to still do one of those, but which one??? We have been to Cali once and loved it, but we have never been to Yatchmans, so I need some opinions! Which is better and what must we try? Thanks!


The two could not be more different from each other.
Yachtsman’s is a straight ahead upscale steakhouse in a very reserved setting (though I believe Shula’s easily beats Yachtsman’s for truly huge slabs of meat).
Cali is New American cuisine in a bright and flashy atmosphere and a very eclectic menu.

Right now, real world, I have chosen Cali Grill over Yachtsman’s because I really want to eat there this week. I’m dying for one of Yoshi’s spicy kazan rolls. I also know I can talk her into rolling me a crunchy rainbow roll. (Well I have in the past, but I am a repeat guest and she sort of remembers me. After all, look how many people they serve every week.)

It still comes down to what you’re in the mood for, but if you’re hankering for rib eye or a Porterhouse, you’re going to Yachtman’s because they only offer an oak fired filet mignon at Cali.

California Grill Dinner Menu - Contemporary Resort
Yachtsman Steakhouse Menu - Yacht Club
Shula’s Steak House - Dolphin


I chose the opposite of Doug only because you have tried one and not the other. He accurately describes both.


I think Boss also chose Yachtsman’s because it’s where we met for drinks once.
(Well, technically it was because we had coincident reservations, totally unplanned.:happy:)


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1093427]I think Boss also chose Yachtsman’s because it’s where we met for drinks once.
(Well, technically it was because we had coincident reservations, totally unplanned.:happy:)[/QUOTE]

… but we did meet.

And drink.


Does this mean that you’re changing the name of Friday’s event to
“Boss’ Meet and Drink”?

As for everyone else, RLB is counting on you for opinions, not schtick from Boss and me.


This is hard, because they are both great, but they are totally different menus and food. You won’t go wrong with either!


I picked Cali for the food. I can grill one heck of a steak from our local butcher anytime. But I cannot even come close to the skill required for some of the Cali dishes.


I love to eat at both of these places. Both have great food and like everyone else said they are very different. If I had to choose between the two I would pick Cali Grill, because I love the Goat Cheese Ravioli.


It’s true we have never been to Yatchman’s and should try it, but I like that ravioli too! Oh decisions, decisions!


Like everyone else has mentioned, both are excellent! On my personal rating scale of WDW restaurants, I have Cali Grill one spot ahead of the Yachtsman’s because of the location, décor, ambience and of course, the ability to watch Wishes w/the music piped throughout the entire restaurant.

But as I mentioned, I do love the Yachtsman’s as well.

So since you’ve been to Cali Grill before, it basically boils down to what y’all will be in the mood for on vacation. If you want an excellent steakhouse experience, then the Yachtsman’s is the way to go. We have a Shula’s 15 minutes away from us so when we’re at WDW, we strictly “do” their restaurants… And IMO, it’s the best piece of beef you’ll find at WDW (excluding the non-Disney restaurants) but I have to say, Jiko’s Oak-Grilled Filet is a close second and Jiko’s is the BEST dining experience we have ever had at WDW by and large (but we still haven’t eaten at Victoria & Albert’s nor Citricos, which are the last two “signature dining” restaurants we have left)!

Anyways, give the Yachtsman’s a shot and then YOU decide which restaurant you like better. Either way it will be a fantastic experience… Have fun!

But on a side note, if you’ve never eaten at Jiko’s, I would scrap the above two mentioned restaurants and book a ressie there. It’s AMAZING!


I have been to Jikos and really liked it as well.


Both are great!I enjoyed Cali Grill better and if you can get a seat at the Window for Fireworks it doesn’t get any better than that!!!


I’ve had several business dinners at Yachtsman’s and have enjoyed each. Particularly since they were on a vendors dime. The steaks are done as well as they are at our local Morton’s and that is saying something. They also have a nice wine list with several top notch Merlots to go with that slab o’meat. I always feel obligated to dress “nicer” at Yactsman’s, just the whole vibe of the place, but even that is a nice change of pace from the usual vacation outfit.

I’ve not eaten at the Cali Grill, but it is on my bucket list.



I would be surprised if any of the signature restaurants’ wine cellars would be found lacking.
Very surprised.

(Can I see that single malt menu again please?)