Yay! but 2 questions


Well after weeks of checking I finally got an opening at the Garden Grill, its a 1/2 hour earlier then when we usually eat but I grabbed the ressie…since I didn’t realize how hard it was to get the GG.

Now, I just hope I did the right thing, we originally had the Coral Reef booked because I couldn’t get the ressie at GG…we usually eat dinner around 5/530… the Coral Reef had a 520pm, so i booked it, when i checked this morning the GG had a 435pm slot, so I grabbed it…will I regret the change in restaurants?

Eating a little earlier will not bother us, we will just eat a late breakfast and a light snack.

The other question was, when i went to book it i got a notice saying that [B]“Please note that your party may be seated at more than one table”.
will they do this to us?


How many people are you talking about? I think that “more than one table” is posted on every ADR. I’ve read a party of two having that posted.


6, 2 adults 4 kids
i prob. shouldn’t worry, i was just curious :blush:


You should be fine with 6 people. Garden Grill has a lot of tables that can’t be moved but I don’t think having 6 will be a problem. We liked GG a lot more than Coral Reef. CR is the one disney restaurant I truly had a meal I couldn’t eat because it was so bad. Add poor service and it was was just not good.


Thank you!
I hope we can stay together:blush:


We have 7 going to GG. We also received the same message about not being seated together. If they can’t move the tables, I am going to be disappointed!