YAY! Disneyland "sandwich celebration" is now official!


Well, it’s officially official! We’ll be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary & my 30th birthday in YOU GUESSED IT… DISNEYLAND!!! :biggrin:

I AM SOOO EXCITED! Our anniversary is May 31st, my birthday is July 21st & we’ll be in Disneyland from June 21st-25th. PERFECTLY sandwiched between the two events! Thus, my official moniker for the celebration is “the Disneyland Sandwich Celebration!” :laugh: :wub:

The best part, it’s all already paid for 100%!!! :biggrin: Between our tax return & DVC points everything is all clear, except for spending money. I also still have to book the Super Shuttle.

So here are the details thus far:

June 21st: Arrive at LAX 9:30am, take SuperShuttle to Disneyland Hotel. Check in & enjoy full day in parks. Possibly dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen at our hotel.

June 22nd: All day at the parks! Possibly dinner at Hook’s Pointe, also at the DL Hotel!

June 23rd: All day at the parks! Dinner at either Storyteller’s Cafe or Blue Bayou (if Daniel’s isn’t sick of it yet :laugh:)

June 24th: Maybe an early breakfast at Plaza Inn w/ Minnie & Friends. All day at the parks.

8:30 pm: SuperShuttle takes us from Disneyland Hotel to the Radisson at LAX. Check in at our “cheap” overnight hotel. Flight at 10am on 6/25.

What’cha think??? :biggrin: :mickey:
now everyone is going to have to help me think of shirts or something catchy for our anniversary & my birthday! :happy:


sounds marvelous!


Congrats Wishy!!!


Well that should make you feel better…sore throat and all!


Yay…I’m so happy for you!!! And it’s not so far away either!


ABSOLUTELY!!! And here I was thinking I wouldn’t be going back until all the DCA updates were done in 2012! :blush: Funny how those things happen though right? :laugh: Although this probably WILL be the last time I go to DL until 2012, I can’t make this a habit of going every year! Sheesh! :pinch: :laugh:

I am excited though! I am going to watch ‘Remember Dreams Come True’ EVERY NIGHT!’! :heart: (If it’s not too windy of course :glare:)


How about Happy Anni-birth-sary? Just Kidd’n!! Glad your going back!


That sounds perfect to me. I am a tiny bit jealous


Wow you’re a lucky ducky . . . I can’t WAIT to see your TR . . . I’m thinking I want to go there with the girls next year!! :happy:


Well, um, but, I’m gonna be stuck in Hawaii the third week of June… :pinch:

Can’t, you, um, continue yer birthday to October? :wub:


Oh… and I am going to eat a churro with chocolate dipping sauce, ride Heimlich’s Chew Chew train, go on Peter Pan’s flight FIRST thing after I enter DL’s gates, ride Indi about 10 times…

Then I’m gonna ride California Screamin’ about 10 times, eat a sourdough bread bowl with yummy soup in it, watch Remember Dreams Come True every night, stroll through DtD every night on the way back to my hotel…

Then I’m gonna throw some change in my FAVORITE Disneyland Fountain & make some wishes, drink a Mint Julep, ride Nemo & Matterhorn as many times as possible, take a picture in the stationary teacup over by Mr. Toad’s.

Then i’m gonna… phew! Just do everything in the world! :heart:

I’m SO excited!


:laugh: I love the little girl in you. Never, ever loss that. I’m already looking forward to your tr.


:wub: Happy birthday Wishy!:wub:
:heart: Happy Anniversary Jess and Daniel!!!:heart:


He’s GONNA wear some sort of anniversary fanfare at SOME point… he just doesn’t know it yet. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Awe!! YAYA!!! You’ll be there over Dave’s actual birthday on the 24th!!! I am jealous! I can’t wait to hit DL one day!


Nothing like a trip planning session to make you feel all better! Congrats on your wonderful plan!




Umm, now THAT would take MORE than a couple Glowtinis. Not even SURE what I’d have to do to make that happen! the button is going to be pushing it. :glare:


hehehe, I’LL NEVER GROW UP!!! :happy:


“Stuck” in Hawaii, OH I feel SOOO bad for you! :glare: