YAY for me!


I am now booked to go to DISNEY Jan. 2,3 and 4 and stay at SSR. I am super ready to go. It is another moms trips and I cannot wait. I cannot make ADR’s until Oct4th, so I have to wait. Our plans for our ADR’s is to eat at WGP, the new greek resturant at BW(forgot the name) and The Wave. What do you think? Is anyone else going or will be there at that time? Maybe we can get together for a M&G. I may pamper myself with a nice spa message. Oh, how nice that sounds.


Booking your next trip is ALWAYS Awesome!!!


For real. I have been missing Disney ever since we got back in June. I have this trip(Jan) and then I will be booking our next trip for June(2010). I will be staying offsite in June but hitting parks for sure.


I agree . . . yay for you! I wish it was me!:laugh:


Congrats on booking. I just booked my trip this morning for next summer, so I understand your excitement!


CONGRATS!!! Happy Planning! :happy:


YES, don’t you know we have to have something to look forward to and plan!! I am so excited. I cannot wait.


Yay! So happy for you!!!


We’re going to WDW next month, which we can’t wait. I am booking a skiing trip to New Mexico for December school break (would rather got back to WDW but was overruled). Too bad Disney does not have a Ski Resort!!!


Does Blizzard Beach count? ha ha ha!!!


Did you try to get into a Tree House?


Congrats! :slight_smile: The spa plan sounds awesome!! I’ll be there in Dec so I’m just as excited as you! I LOVE looking forward to an up-coming Disney trip… it makes the days so nice just thinking of all the things I will be doing at DISNEY! Yay!


No, that is not in my budget quite yet. I have abit more debt to pay off first before I can consider that. Plus it will be just two of us going, maybe three. I love those girls/moms only trips.


Ahhhhh, the spa. we went there in June for a massage and wow, I am loving that place. As siin as you walk in you are pelted with relaxation. It is so nice. I am hoping for some super quite time.