Yay our dining is booked!


Today was our 180 day mark for when we check into Disney for our Christmas trip. We got all the places we wanted and most of the times we wanted.

Here is where we are eating:
*December 20th: Mama Melrose Fantasmic Package-3:30 and second show
*December 21st: Sunrise Safari with a breakfast buffet-starts at 7 AM and Ohana at 5:40
*December 22nd: Crystal Palace for breakfast-8:05 and Whispering Canyon Cafe-5:45
*December 23rd: Mickey’s Backyard BBQ-6:30
*December 24th: Teppan Edo for the Candlelight Processional- 5:15
*December 25th: Chef Mickey’s-5:00
We are excited to try Whispering Canyon which is new for us. We are all so excited.


sounds good. Personally, I didn’t care for Mama Melrose, but you don’t have alot of choices for the Fantasmic pkg.
CP for breakfast - great!
I’m anxious to try WC too, as well as Chef Mickey’s
Loved Ohana’s

sounds like a great time!


we always have to do Mama Melrose because it is my dad’s favorite choice for the Fantasmic Package since he doesn’t want to use 2 table service credits for Brown Derby. My brother doesn’t like going here either but that was the one place my dad requested so we are doing that again.


Everything looks soooo yummy. We are doing the SS at AKL too- I can’t wait!


Yipee! I get to call tomorrow to make mine . . . you have some GREAT choices!! :wub:


Sounds great! You are going to have a magical time!


Sounds great… Now I’m Hungry… :frowning:


Your on the money. Enjoy!


Looks like you got some good ones! We love WC breakfast! We’ve never done Mickey Backyard BBQ.


Everything sounds awesome!

Have fun.



Please let us know what you think of Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. I’ve been wanting to try it, but DH wants to wait until the kids (5, 2 and 2) are older. Curious as to what all it entails and if they would enjoy it or not.


We liked it. DS3 and he enjoyed it. I thought the food was good. Fun atmosphere for the kids!


We have heard mixed reviews but my mom and I decided that we will never know if we like it if we don’t try it.