Yay! We are APers for WDW!


Tax check came!! We ordered our WDW annual passes, which we will activate in August on our BWVs trip! I am so excited! I know we will DEFINATELY make good use of them between going for a week in August, November for Food & Wine, visiting DH’s family before Christmas, and hmmm, well who knows when else! So exciting though!

:biggrin: :mickey: :biggrin: :mickey: :biggrin: :mickey: :biggrin: :mickey: :biggrin::mickey: :biggrin: :mickey: :biggrin: :mickey: :biggrin: :mickey: :biggrin:


Congrats Wish! Those AP’s are like the keys that unlock the magic!


Congratulations!!! You will have a hard time not renewing every year. Joe


Congrats! That is so exciting, now you can go whenever you want! :pirate:
I’m kicking myself for not upgrading my DLR passes on my last trip! :pinch:


Congrats!!! :c)

That is SO rockin’, girl!




guess what! our family just renewed our passes.:mickey:


Congrats to you!


congratulations, wish!! that is so cool. enjoy your AP’s.


Hooray!! Fun, fun, fun! We definitely make good use of ours (as you can see…) :rolleyes: !


Yeah…the sort of make me depressed when I am looking at it sitting in my wallet…all unused…
but yeah for you!!!


Congrats, Wish.
It’s a great feeling having those APs handy when you need 'em. I’m hoping to be able to renew every year. It’s definately a value. Have fun on your next trip!!


Congrats Wish!!!
How awesome, don’t you just love saying it “I’m an ANNUAL pass holder…thats right…yeah we go that often…”
tee hee


Congratulations - are they DVC AP’s?


Yes, they are! I got the $100 off!!!:biggrin:


i am ap too. and our family renew the passes last night.:mickey:


Even better news! :tongue:


You Go Girl!!! Congrats!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: