yayyy..Time to make ADR's


I can’t believe it, but it’s time to make my ADR’s on this Saturday! When I started my trip countdown it was at 350 days!!! I’ve made all my plans and now it’s finally time to book it! Here they are, please let me know what you think:

Thurs - travel day, don’t get to Orlando until 7 pm or 9:30 (depending on flight we decide on)
check into Contemporary (1st time staying here!)

Fri - MK
breakfast-use snack options
lunch - Crystal Palace (our FAVORITE restaurant!)
dinner-counter (hopefully El Pirata)
Wishes at night

Sat - Epcot
breakfast-cs at hotel
lunch - cs at the Land
dinner - Hoop De Doo

Sun-check out of Contemporary
DD and I go to Princess Tea Party at GF
check into Beach Club, get grocery delivery (mostly water, soda, juice and breakfast items)
check out Storm along Bay (at BC)
lunch-cs at hotel
dinner - Spoodles (1st time!)
DD at kid’s club
DH and I go to JellyRolls (never been here either!)

breakfast in room
Typhoon Lagoon
lunch-CS at TL
Fantasmic Package - leaning towards Mama Melrose

breakfast-in room
lunch-cs at Tusker House

breakfast-in room
got to MGM
lunch-go to DTD Earl of Sand
Bippiddiboppidi Boutique
dinner-1900 Park Fare at GF

break-Chef Mickey’s
go to MK for Family Magic Tour
lunch-cs Peco Bills
dinner-Le Cellier
DD at kid’s club

breakfast-in room
Blizzard Beach
lunch-cs at BB

pool in am
MK afternoon
dinner-Liberty Tree

go home

I am really trying to do places we’ve never been before, but it’s hard. We loe Crystal Palace, Ohana, Hoop de Doo and Liberty Tree so we had to do those. We’ve never been to Boma, Le Cellier or Spoodles so we’re looking forward to that. Don’t really want to do the Fantasmic Pkge b/c we’d rather go to 50’s Prime Time, but I’m worried about seating for Fantasmic since it’s April.

Let me know what you think!!


Love your choices! Happy ADR day early. The trip gets so exciting and feels more “real” when you finally get to that point! Happy planning!


nice planning. looks like a good schedule…


Your plans look like a whole loft of fun! I love that you are doing the tea and BBB with your dd as well as taking some couple time.


I :heart: ADR day. Have fun! I hope you get good songs with your hold music! :laugh:


Thanks all…been planning this for a while - it seems like the trip will never get

Doing quite a few princess things with DD this trip since she’ll be 6 1/2 when we go. Don’t know when our next trip after this will be -so I want to do the Princess Tea Party and BBB before she’s “not into” the princess thing anymore :ohmy: .

As far as some time alone with DH and I, I asked DD if she would mind going to the kid’s club 2 nights and she said “Why can I only go 2 nights???”. (We went on the Disney Cruise last year and she LOVED the kids clubs!!!)

Can’t wait for ADR day :wub:


ooohhh…that last post was my 500th post!!


So I made all my ADR’s this morning!!! No hold music though!:whistling

I was able to get every time that I wanted. And for all those people (DH, mom, friends) who laughed at me for planning too far ahead - the CM told me that I got the last table at the 7:15 Hoop de Doo show for the level 2 (dining plan)!!! Hopefully we’re not stuck in the back somewhere, but at least we got in!!

Well now the only thing left to do is to wait 6 months for the trip to get here!!!:blush:


Your plans look great, I love all your choices. I know how hard it is to try new places when you have so many family favorites that you hate to miss but I think you did a nice job of mixing the old with the new.


They sound Awsome… I cant wait to read your TR about the picks… Please let me know about Hoop Dee do… I am thinking about it but want to hear more about the dinner before booking… Congrats on your ADR’s