Ye Ole' Ticket Prices


I have a 25 year high school reunion this year :eek: and I was gathering some old pictures for the committee. I pulled out my scrap book from our senior class trip to WDW circa 1981, and I came across some old admission receipts and tickets. Can you believe that Sea World only cost $9.50 with tax, and Grad Night was a mighty $11! Back in the day they issued a ticket book. I have four tickets left, but the cover is torn off so I don’t have the price of the ticket book. Can you imaging what the cost will be in another 25 years! :pirate:


Hey! That date was May 16th, 1981…it was still a Bella-less world!!
I did hit the map until August!


A fellow Leo? Finest kinds of folks, naturally. :wink:

My first season pass to Busch Gardens Williamsburg was less than $20 - just under what it cost to PARK there now for 2 days!

And speaking of INCREASES…the WDW annual pass is up $50. Ouch!!! :frown:


My how times have changed!


OOOoooo, the grad nite one is SO cool!


I just don’t want to think about how much ticket prices will have increased in 25 years!!!


I was just showing this to DD and she loved the old pics. In fact, I was just mentioning plan tickets the other day at work, and the term e-ticket came up. A couple of people noted that that was the ticket for all the good rides at WDW and DL (E ticket).


Wow that brought back memories! I dug out MY old Grad Night ticket. It was a dollar cheaper and guess this makes me one year older :eek:


Just a few months after my wedding - we were thinking of going to WDW for our honeymoon - but we couldn’t afford it!


Very cool! Thank you for sharing them.


But it was still the 80’s, a great decade. :cool:


Great ticket pictures! Oh how I wish I’d kept my Grad Nite ticket from '94 :sad: Thanks for sharing!!


I wish I could find mine from 1987. I think it is in a box in my parents attic.
I want to say the price was somewhere around $15-17. So many great memories from GradNite!!! :happy:


Wow, that is too amazing!! I love seeing these old tickets.

I love old pictures of WDW, too - there aren’t nearly enough of those around!