Yeah! Annual Pass Certificate!


Yeah, We just purchased our Annual Pass Certificate. I Can’t believe it. We have been waiting so long for the trip to arrive and it is so close now. I will start making ps’s on thursday and the countdown really begins. We have our reservations for the Polynesian with AP rates, just got our passes and next our ps’s. YEAH :happy: :happy: :mickey: :mickey:
My DK’s are so excited. They check the DisneyTime counter everyday.
Just had to share with everyone!!! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :laugh: :laugh: :biggrin: :biggrin:



A bunch of baby steps eventually lead to a WDW trip!!! Don’t blame you for getting excited. I would be too! I’m just waiting to get down to double digits at this point!


Hear Ya!!! How long are you staying and where?? 2 more days and you are doing the double digit dance.



Have you stayed at the Poly before?

We did this past spring and my kids loved it. I liked how big the rooms were and the monorail service!


Yep. We stayed there 10 years ago on our honeymoon. Can’t wait to take the kids there. It has been a long time coming. Which building did you stay in? We heard a rumor that the quiet pool has a slide, is this true? Not that it matters, because the volcanoe pool looks awesome!!!



We stayed at Tokelau - right next to the quiet pool.
Can’t remember if it had a slide (and we walked right
by it everyday) - my kids loved the volcano pool!

I liked our building because we were kind of midway
between the Great Ceremonial House and the TTC.
It was very convenient.

I’m so excited for you (and just a little jealous).
APs and the Poly - You are set!!!


That’s exactly where we want to stay. Did you put in a fax request? We are planning on it. I know about the jealousy. We have been planning this for at least three years and when we joined DC, we had over a 1000 days to go. I would always see single digits. I was always excited to read their trip reports, but also a bit jealous it wasn’t me. But I loved hearing everyones great trips. Getting all these great tips. It helped us get through it, just barely. LOL



We did not fax a request. We just called the day before we arrived and requested it. I don’t think that is what they recommend, but it worked for us. It’s probably better to fax, just because it will be in writing. Either way - Good Luck!

You know you have a great view of the fireworks from the beach at the Poly. They also have that water parade, too.