Yeah here we come


reservations have been made here we come Sept 6 - 14. Hoping for free dining…


Congrats on your scheduling your trip! Many are hoping for free dining…


Your chances are good with you dates. The bounce back offer was for last day of august through september. Start looking for the announcement soon… Congrats on booking and happy planning!


When do you think they will announce it?


Congrats!!! I can’t wait to go in March…my first time going in March with the kids…I hope the crowds are manageable…Sept. should be a great time to go with great weather and low crowds…


Congrats on booking your trip!!


Congrats and happy planning!!


Yay, what a great time to go! My best trip ever was for that exact week in September…it was a trip I will never forget. The weather was amazing and the parks were deserted!

I’ll cross my fingers for free dining…for you AND for me, because it would multiply my chances of a trip this year! :laugh:


Thanks for the encouragement


You are welcome…I hope it is an amazing trip!

We may end up being there around the same time as you…DH and I are debating between the first week of May and first week of September, and it looks like September is winning out. :smile: