Yeah, I just made the final payment


Our vacation is all paid off. 45 days to go. I am tooooooo excited.


YIPEE!!! Let the packing begin!!!

I hope you have a wonderful trip, and can’t wait to read a TR!!


One of the best feelings ever!!


Congrats!! Although I’m sooo jealous! I’ve been paying $25 here, $50 there - balance is sllllooowwwlllyy going down. I have 1.5 months to pay up ~ getting very excited though :smile:


Woo-Hoo! That is a great feeling! And with 45 days to spare too!


YAY!!! So great when it’s paid off. Makes it so real!!! Now getting through those last 45 days!!!


Nice to have the trip paid off, now if you are like me you have to start saving for the sovenirs.

Have fun


So glad for you! Now you can start saving spending money!


Thank you all. It is such a relief when you don’t owe anyone when you come back from vacation. I have money stashed for souvenirs and such.

That final payment made it feel so much closer. I am now waiting for the packet with our ME tags. Then it will feel really close.