YEAH! Just bought my MVMCP tickets!


I read another post earlier and thought, what the heck, I’ll give disney a call.
Well guess what, they were selling MVMCP tickets. :biggrin: :biggrin: I have two nights reserved, the tickets should come late next week. Oh, it is getting close!!!



UUUGGGHHH!!! I thought I was so on top of things! And here I was spending hundreds of dollars in the Disney store buying DD a new summer wardrobe, and I should have been home, checking my DC board! Now, it’s 15 minutes too late for me to get my tixx…guess I’ll try tomorrow! I think I may just die if they are sold out by the morning!


Congrats to you. I am going to call in morning and get mine.


Guess I’ve got a call to make in the morning, too… :slight_smile: Thanks for the info!


Hmmmm… I still have to decide if we’re going to do it or not…


Is this MVMCP tickets or MNSSHP tickets?? I heard those went on sale today! MVMCP went on sale too??? I might have to consider going again… :angel:


Way to go! Congrats quartz! :wink: :cool: :wink: :cool:


We still are undecided about going this christmas! We will have a first timer with us and we are only at wdw for a week! So much to see so much to do!


I’d LOVE to see WDW at Christmas! My family and I are still in the pre-planning stages of a nice little weekend getaway!

(I really, REALLY want to see the castle all done up one more time before it’s all taken down!) :tongue:


Alright, alright, what’s the deal?

I just called and the CM told me the tixx are only suppossed to go on sale today, not yesterday, AND they aren’t even in the system yet (as of 8:15 am est) and I would have to try again later or tomorrow…

I think this requires a follow call!


Keep trying princesspooh!!! Here’s the number I started with 1-407-566-4985
It’s for Walt Disney World Ticketing!

Good Luck!!


I got the same responce. I wish these cms would all get on the same page. :pirate:


Well I hope it was MVMCP tickets. I gave the cm Dec. dates. I think I will check on it.



Can you believe the CM actually just called me back to tell me their system was back up and she could get me the tixx! Not only that, but she even told me that she could make my ADR for Tony’s or LTT for that night, even though I’m more than 180 days out! So, we got our MVMCP tixx and ADR’s for LTT at the prime time of 6 PM (right before the party starts). Some of these CM’s really do make the magic happen!



What night are you guys going? And congrats on the ADR’s thats so cool.


Thank you soooo much for alerting us!

I just purchased my tickets!!! I can’t wait.


Thanks for posting your experiences, guys! The CM working with me told me off the bat that I couldn’t book MVMCP tickets yet. It took some gentle prodding and explaining that friends of mine had been able to book theirs that got her to actually check the system! Then she told me that I couldn’t book LTT for that night because of the 180 day rule and I used your experience again to let her know that she might just want to check on that, too… :slight_smile: Now we’ve got December 4th booked for the party and LTT at 5:00pm!

Thanks again!


Yeah for all of you!! Isn’t it great, I just love getting my tickets!! One step closer!


I just called and they tried to tell me I had to call another number or go to the web site where I could buy them and I went to the web site while I talked to them and told him they were not there. He finally found them and I got my MNSSHP tickets and the dates of MVMCP. We are trying to figure out if we can sneak another small trip in. We would love to see Christmas at WDW. :mickey: