Yeah me!


MNSSHP will be on when I am there in August. Rumor has it, the party’s opening night is August 29th…I have been on cloud nine all day…SO EXCITED@!!!

ok you may move on. This was just a happy moment brought to you by Dana and one of many “excited about my trip” threads.:laugh:


Better than the P&P party…not the fireworks, but everything else…ok I’m done now I sware.


ok now I am seriously done


for real this time:laugh:


Awwww, Dana, that is so fantastic!! :goofybounce:


It really is. I didn’t think I would ever get to do that party again…ever. Such a wonderful surprise that they are doing it when I am there…in august even go figure. SO THRILLED!!! I actually had a little tear…sware it.


That’s great Dana!


Wow! That’s great for you Dana! We’ll be there starting the 29th or 30th ourselves- your excitement has gotten me interested as well!


Wow Dana, you got lucky. Congrats to you


Thanks all!! I have been thinking about it all day…DD was none to happy when I woke her up at 6 to tell her:laugh: she’s already sick of hearing me hum the parade theme…lolol

leslieh - totally worth the price of admission. It’s my favorite. The Pirate and princess party was cool and all,but there is something about the overall theme of the MNSSHP that just makes it a touch better…the parade and the villians…yes, it’s the villians.:laugh:


Hmmm… you sold me, Dana! I have a long time to pick out a costume! Any idea what you’ll be?


That is so great, Dana!!! I love it when things work out perfectly.


Let me just say, WOOHOO!

That is exciting news. Enjoy yourself.


That’s wicked Dana!


That’s AWESOME! And your excitement is completely contagious - I almost want to run around yelling “wooooooohooooo!!!” :laugh:


YAYA! I know how much you love MNSSHP!!! I am so happy for you!


LMAO!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I think we should go over to youtube for a snippet! :laugh:

download it to your computer and wake her up again tomorrow with the song playing!!!:laugh:

Ok, maybe not… but I LOVE it!!!:happy:



YouTube - Mickey’s Boo to You Halloween Parade


:eek: I wanna go to MNSSHP now!! :eek:

That parade looks sooooooooo cool…and wow that song is catchy! :cool:


I also want to add, the Maleficent in that parade…she’s about 8:15 into the video…is PERFECT. :eek: She’s scaaaary!


I know!!!

now you know why dana is singing in all day! :happy:

too bad it’s dark in the video, but its hard to tape a “Night” parade

my personal fav is the headless horseman and the grave diggers (whom I didnt see!!)!!! :wub:

and lets not forget the Villians!!! :heart:


I Found the grave diggers in THIS video!!! :happy:
6mins through… YouTube - VMK-TV Presents: Boo To You Halloween Parade

Ok looking back, I found them in the first video at around 4:45!!! :happy:


Dana that is awesome news. Do you think it will really happen? If so I may move my dates so the kids sont have to miss a ton of school and we can all be happy about going for MNSSHP. Well only if they still have free DDP in Aug