Yeah, or nea?


Are these restaurants good choices for eating at WDW? ~

:mickey: Hollywood and Vine

:mickey: Liberty Tree Tavern Character Dining

:mickey: Rose and Crown

And, how about the food provided for ~

:mickey: Cinderella’s Royal Table

:mickey: Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show

Thank you for your time! :mickey:


We had dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern the last two times we were there. We enjoyed it. It is a family style dinner, ham, turkey, roast beef, potatoes, mac & cheese, vegatables. The characters do a good job, making the rounds around the tables usually twice.


OK-here is my opinion…now keep in mind, once upon a time I was a full time working chef, and from NY, I can sometimes be food critical. I didn’t feel that any of these choices were superior food, but for where you are and what you pay you get what you expect. Here’s my ratings:

Hollywood and Vine: somewhat dissapointing. Food was not all that appetizing, but a decent selection. Worth it for the Fantasmic tixx!

Liberty Tree Tavern Character Dining: Done by stouffer’s, so if you like their food, it’s a safe choice. Character interaction was great. Each character came around to our table atleast twice. Food was good, and filling to send you back out to MK!

Rose and Crown: Excellent food and service. We are of Irish ancestory, so some things are familiar. They are of course, “americanized” to be more palatable to the tourists, but still rather authentic. Definately not a dissapointment. Also, a great place to view Illuminations-and if you enjoy beer, there are some great ones here.

And, how about the food provided for ~

Cinderella’s Royal Table: Let’s face it, you’re not hear for the food if it’s breakfast! I thought it was OK. The fruit was really fresh and the danish were good. Service was nice, but princess interaction was just OK. We much more enjoyed the Akershus princess breakfast at EPCOT (although I know a lot of DC’ers will strongly disagree with me).

Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show-sorry, cant help you here, never did this

Hope that is atleast some help.


:happy: Thanks, Princess Pooh. Your opinion took a load off my shoulders. Wasn’t sure what I was getting into…


Hollywookd and vine - my DD loves it and there are many choices for everyone, however it made me seriously ill this last trip and I won’t be going back there.

Rose and Crown - never been

LTT - never been had a PS this past trip, but cancelled it.

Cinderella’s - I have always enjoyed the food there. You can’t beat eating in the castle either. I have only had the breakfast though and can’t comment on lunch or dinner

Spirit - Never been, but would like to try it.


Thank you, Dana. I appreciate your opinion! :happy:


Hollywood & Vine: Ehhhh, I am mixed. It made me feel sick this last time but my husband loved it. Great selection.

Liberty Tree: YAY!!! One of my FAVORITE restaurants in WDW, you’ll love it. I am always greeted by AT LEAST 3 characters during my meal and the food is great. It’s like Thanksgiving. I love the atmosphere too, very “quaint and home-y”

Rose & Crown: We both love it, but I think it’s best for adults.

CRT: Always loved the food there, everything seems very fresh and presented very nicely. Always worth it.

Spirit of Aloha: never been


We loved CRT, mostly for atmosphere, the food was good, but not great.

Liberty Tree Tavern is always a crowd pleaser.

Rose & Crown was disappointing to us. We had heard soo much about it(mostly here) so we were sad when it wasn’t very good. I think it was just an off night. But the service was excellent! Haven’t tried Hollywood & Vine or the Spirit yet.


Hollywood and Vine -One of Dh’s and my favorites we enjoy having a good selection of food ( we love the corn souffle from them ) Also my niece enjoyed it when we took her because we allowed her to go by herself ( with us watching her of course ) and pick her own food items

Liberty tree tavern - Love the food ( but husband loves stoffer mac and cheese heheehe) love the strawberry vinegarette they use on the salad wish i could recreate it at home ( have the recipe and tried and failed )

Rose and Crown - Love the food here too also love the atmosphere and if your lucky enough to get patio seating in time for illuminations a great place to see I also love the Toffee pudding

CRT — Loved breakfast I love the Stuffed french toast plus we took my niece here for the breakfast and well the look on her face was priceless that we were eating in the Castle . We also have had Dinner here for our anniversary before they changed it and well we liked it better than Le Cellier

Spririt of Aloha Dinner show - we havent done this version but did the other version they had and well the show was awesome but the food just ok ( My husband is not much into coconut


I can vouch for LTT and Rose and Crown.
These two were our best dinners and best times last trip.


I like all of these except for Hollywood and Vine.


Hollywood & Vine - We did this with the FANTASMIC package. It was OK, just OK. We are going back soon but doing Mama’s this time.

Liberty Tree - A MUST! It is like having Thanksgiving Dinner but very good food! Service and Characters were great! Just booked dining here again for next trip!

Rose & Crown - Havn’t tried yet.

Cinderella’s Royal Table - (Breakfast) We enjoy this very much. Food is good, you get to eat in the castle and the Princesses are there! We even saw Mary Poppins!

Spirit Of Aloha - We enjoyed the food here very much. The show we thought was a little slow starting - wasn’t great but it got better. Would do it again for the food - but not right away! :mickey:


Rose and Crown + Bella = :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

This is my favorite restaurant…anywhere in the whole wide world. And not just Disney World.


Rose & Crown is the only one I’ve been to out of those but it’s GREAT!!! I think you should definitely try it. :slight_smile:


We like all of your choices except H & V. Very bad experience there. LTT is good, R & C is great (especially the pints!!!) CRT - have never been for breakfast, but we have been for dinner. S.A.D.S. is also very good.


We’ve had positive experiences in all the places you listed. Except, we didn’t do the Luau at Disney yet. We did the one at Universal and loved it though.


I can only comment on LTT and CRT. We loved the food at LTT. It was definitely near the top of our list of meals for the week. Characters were great and we didn’t have to wait to see anyone, unlike Crystal Palace. CRT was a disappointment this time. I think if we didn’t have the kids we might not go back there again. The food is ok, but not worth the price. It’s the castle dining room and princesses you go for, not the food.