Year of a Million Dreams extended for 2008


Disney has announced this morning that the Year of a Million Dreams has been extended through all of 2008:

Since Disney Parks launched The Year of a Million Dreams, Guests have seen many wonderful dreams come true. This event is so amazing, Guests don’t want it to end. Well, guess what… it’s not! The Year of a Million Dreams is being extended through December 2008 and you are invited to come live out more Disney dreams. As the celebration continues, you’ll experience brand-new parades, a fantastic new attraction and the dream-making magic Cast Members create every day at the Disneyland Resort in California and the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Just remember, this is one magical celebration you won’t want to miss, but like any beautiful dream, it won’t last forever.

No big surprise here.


Thanks for the news Mickey.

Can’t say I’m surprised either. But in a good way, of course!


I hear they are planning another Boss Mouse Parade.

Yes Dec, 2008:
The pathways of the AK will glow with the glory of the hoard.


Boss starting already


I wonder if they are going to extend the mail in contest?


Yea !!! I missed it by a day last year ! Now I will get to go twice this year ( March and Nov. )


I wish many more families tons of wonderful “dreams!”


AWWWW Wish you are so sweet.


Thank you Mickey!


Great! It seems like such a great event hopefully I’ll get to experience it in 2008.


a night in the castle

a night in the castle

a night in the castle

a night in the castle . . . .

Can you guess which dream I want to win next time?:happy:


I have mixed feelings about this…

On one hand, it gives me ten more days worth of chances for a dream (because my previous 15 days in parks were a wash :blush: )

On the other hand, it kinda annoys me…it’s not the Two Years of a Million Dreams…I’m sure this has everything to do with an increase in park attendance and personally, I want my off season back. :cool:


In addition to another Boss Mouse parade being scheduled, at Epcot they are changing the yard of beer at Rose & Crown to “The King’s Yard”


thats great …I just returned from DL aug 26, was there 17 days and will be returning Aug 2009…can’t wait


I wonder if there going to have all the dreams again


This makes my children and I very happy. We had “magical” luck when we were there in August by winning the lanyards and pins and dessert and we are so up to winning again when we go next year (the power of positive thinking!!:laugh: )