Year of a Million Dreams round two


Another ‘Year of a Million Dreams’ coming to Disney parks
Tuesday August 7, 2:10 pm ET

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts plans to extend its “Year of a Million Dreams” promotion through the end of 2008, according to information sent to annual passholders.


aww, man! I was ready for something new. The Year of A Million Dreams was getting on my nerves (because my dreams have yet to come true).


With the extension hopefully we will see more of the dream team in the parks.


I saw the dream team walking around a lot… but not giving out dreams!!


I SOOOOOO hope to meet the dream team in December.


Here we were thinking, “It’ll be the end of YOAMD. Surely, they’ll be going out with a bang while we’re there…”


Who know’s, they just may go out this year with one… And you just may be the recipient…:ohmy:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Unfortunately so true!


We also saw the Dream Team all over the parks. I knew what they looked like so we were on the look out for them.


Whoa snap! I gotta go again now! (Four days in seperate parks between two trips, and not a single dream.:crying: )


I was really hoping YOMD would go away - I don’t think it has been done very well.
I was really hoping for something new!


You think if we tail them or happen upon them increases your odds???:huh:


The YOMD is continuing one more year!! I got my AP Mickey Monitor and this is what is says:

[I]"You’ll be happy to hear that there are a lot of new surprises in store as we continue The Year of a Million Dreams. As next year unfolds, we’ll immerse you in new parades and the exciting new attraction, Toy Story Mania!, where you’ll interact with characters from the Disney/Pixar “Toy Story” films in exciting 3d midway-style games. It’s a different experience every time!

But, like all beautiful dreams, The Year of a Million Dreams can’t last forever. Be sure that you’re a part of the excitement for one more year. In the meantime, have fun telling all your non-Passholder friends this news they probably haven’t heard yet!"[/I]

ALSO, I was talking to a CM about how they pick who wins, and she said . . . there is a lottery drawing each morning, and the dream team gets instructions like, “Award X prize to the 3rd person to come off the Winnie-the-Pooh ride at 2pm!” So it’s THAT random!!! (That is if what she told me is true??) :blink:


Wouldn’t we all love to receive a dream :happy:

The family of someone I work with was picked to Marshal the parade at MK.

The only other one I personnally know of, a man beside me at the Flame Tree BBQ was a winner, big announcement over the PA, he won…

… a cupcake!

In both instances the recipients had no idea what the CM’s were talking about. I guess we all have to work on our confused face to win! :laugh:


So, what does the Dream Team look like? I have at least one, hopefully two (and three would be greatly appreciated) trips coming up, next year. I’ve gotta find these guys! I’ll follow them around the park… hehehe.


Same thing happened to me at MGM . . . they rang a bell, called out Here’s a Dream for you . . . and then gave me a FREE dessert!! It was FUN to win! :wub:


Cool…maybe I can still win something:)


i’m sorry but if what they intend on handing out is cupcakes, stickers, and things of the like… they shouldn’t have named it YOMD. frankly, if i can afford a trip to disney, i can afford a cupcake, a sticker, or a pin for a lanyard. these are not the makings of a dream. they should have named it year of a million surprises, more suitable.



They’ve always handed out free stickers (on Main Street) and tattoos and such. Actually… I got some Little Mermaid tattoos on my last trip… was that supposed to be YOMD??? Because, you know, I’ve always dreamed of getting a free rub-on Sebastian tattoo… :laugh:


you know, I would be happy with a pin, at least it would be something!

Of course the castle suite, a cruise, or even a fast pass for the day would be great too!