Year of Celebrations question


Here is a good one… It is our 10th Anniversary and we have it listed as a celebration with Disney, anyone know what they are doing for anniversaries?

Not that we expect anything, I have just seen the birthday stuff and we were wondering.


You can get buttons upon check-in at your resort (or at Guest Relations at any park, as well as City Hall at MK). If you wear them throughout your stay, you might get a few nice celebration surprises. I’ve heard of couples on their anniversaries getting complementary desserts and special experiences.


You never know really. Disney has always celebrated these things…there is just more of an emphasis on them now. In the same year I went on my honeymoon and so did my best friend and her husband. We got a lot of perks…free deserts, decorations in our room, VIP seating at a show, front row seats on the big rides, serenaded by streetmosphere and we even got our own boats in El Rio de Tempo and POC even though people were waiting in line behind us. My friends wore their bottons and got a free desert and that was it. It’s basically all about timing.


We were also there for our 10th anniversary in march…we wore our buttons all week…got ‘happy anniversary’ all week from all the CM’s, well most of them…
We also got to open the doors at Lion King with front row seating…DD loved it!!!


We celebrated our 8th anniversary in May at WDW and we wore our buttons (which we received at check-in) and got “happy anniversary” from cm’s and we also got a autographed picture of mickey and minnie with a special photopass card for 20% off our purchase (received in our room at SSR)


We also got the autographed picture of mickey and minnie with the photopass card for 20% off.


We went to world on our anni several years ago for a week and stayed at ASM and will be there this Oct for our 16th as well but at SOG/poly. This will be our 7th trip since '93. We also received an autographed pic of Mickey/Minnie in wedding attire complete with Limo on our last day there, but no discount card or button upon check-in. Guess that was the year of cut-backs,lol. Serioulsy though I was happy to get the pic since we weren’t expecting anything. Just figured perks were for higher end lodging.


Baloo and I just went to celebrate 4 years dating, but even though we emphasized the “dating” part, we think someone in reservations thought we were celebrating 4 years married. We got upgraded at our hotel and were given an envelope addressed “to Mr. & Mrs. Baloo” which contained an invitation for a free champagne toast at the hotel’s bar. We didn’t end up going for the toast, but we kept the envelope the invitation came in! :laugh:


In December Jan and I made our 50th trip to Disney on our 50th anniversary. We stayed at Pop Century (which has become our favorite) and we had special treats waiting in our room plus the buttons.
Mostly every one who said something to us were just supprised that in this day and age we stayed married that long.


I will let you know after next week- My parents are going with us, and they have been married 40 years.


We went on our 9th anniversary last year and got the signed pic two days in a row, LOL. I just didn’t know if they were doing anything different this year for the Year of Celebrations.