Yearly Passport


I haven’t been to Disneyland in 12 years. My two kids have never been there. So, after a rough year, we are treating ourselves to Yearly Passports! I’ll be getting the Southern California Select passes which have lots of blackout days, but that’s okay, I work odd hours anyway. Weekdays are best to go and if we really want to go on a blackout day, my cousin works there so he can get 3 of us in for free and we only pay a little extra for two people.

I am super excited and my kids just can’t wait. We’ll be going for the first time most likely on Memorial Day. Any tips? I really can’t afford to stay at a hotel, but that’s okay, it’s only an hour drive from home.


ya get up early one day and get in DCA,I hear that world of color might be up and running earlier than most thought…you will need to get a ticket for the show much like fast pass…this is good and bad ,the good is you getin with ticket ,the bad is you can go and maybe not see it…without that precious ticket


what’s world of color?


It is the new water show in the lagoon at CA. It isn’t supposed to debut until June, 11 but they have been testing it quite a bit. You might beable to see a lot of it.


World of Color is a new and somewhat interactive show that involves the usage of the Pier water in Disney’s California Adventure. To get a better image just take a look at this.

YouTube - Disneyland Insider - World Of Color


Have you already purchased your annual pass? When we purchased ours we went first on a blackout day and bought a normal one day pass that we could use that day and then went to the AP desk during that day and upgraded our ticket to AP. This allowed us to use the one day pass during a blackout day and use the full cost of the ticket agaisnt the AP. It sounds like you got it cheep anyway. Also, during the year if you want to go to the park during a blackout day you should be able to purchase a drastically discounted tickets.


World of Color should be starting soft openings as early as this week, just an FYI. World of Color will feature a Fast Pass type of ticketing system for the first to second showings (I was told by a CM friend that right now Disney only plans to use the “Show Pass” ticket system for the first to possibly second show and allow the second or third showing to be like Fantasmic where you can just wait around…but I cant confirm this is 100% true). The temporary “Show Pass” ticketing systems location will be the Grizzly River Rapids Fast Pass Ticket Systems, so get into DCA early (at park opening is best) to get a World of Color ticket. And be sure to just take your patience if you go on Memorial Day, it wil be busy, and just have a good time and go with the flow!