Yearly Passport


I haven’t been to Disneyland in 12 years. My two kids have never been there. So, after a rough year, we are treating ourselves to Yearly Passports! I’ll be getting the Southern California Select passes which have lots of blackout days, but that’s okay, I work odd hours anyway. Weekdays are best to go and if we really want to go on a blackout day, my cousin works there so he can get 3 of us in for free and we only pay a little extra for two people.

I am super excited and my kids just can’t wait. We’ll be going for the first time most likely on Memorial Day. Any tips? I really can’t afford to stay at a hotel, but that’s okay, it’s only an hour drive from home.


just make the most of what you can. when you are in the magic of the mouse that is all that matters.


Just go there ready to have fun and I am sure you will!


just go and have a great time, don’t rush take your time