Yellow Shoes - need thoughts/opinions


Today before I boarded the Jungle Cruise I was chatting w/a CM about being new to FL and trying to get a job. He asked me why I didn’t get a job w/Disney, and I said because I wanted to get in with their Yellow Shoes advertising co., but that you really have to be somebody to get in there.

He looked at me and said no, that wasn’t true, that I should just go to the casting office with my resume. That seems a little hard to believe, aren’t they very exclusive? When I checked online at disneyjobs, you have to be quite experienced to get a position there.

I guess it goes w/out saying that my dream job (for now) would be to do advertising on the creative end w/Disney.


well…is it worth knowing or not knowing? I say go to the casting office…and give it a shot…why not…what do you have to loose? In June I plan to walk in the casting office and not leave until the give me a job as a conciergue


OMG…first you get to move to FL, then you might work for Disney?!! That would be so cool. After you send in your resume, keep us posted. That would be so great for you!


How exciting! Give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose.


On the backstage magic tour last October, our guide told us that everyone starts at the bottom at Disney World and works their way up; but that Disney promotes heavily from within, so moving up is almost a definite. I’d say go ahead and march into that casting office! No way to know where you stand unless you give it a shot! :slight_smile:


Jenny, you just never know…yeah, Disney does 90% of its promoting from within, but if you march into that casting office and show 'em your million-dollar smile, anything could happen. Good luck! PLEASE give it a try, so you won’t spend your time wondering!


Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It never hurts to try, Jenny. Good luck.


Go For It!!!


I say go for it too!!! Your knowledge of Disney is experience enough. Oh, and don’t forget to wear your Mickey shirt and mouse ears. Never hurts to kiss the bosses beep. Good Luck!!!


I don’t see why not to try…


Go for it!!! Especially when you found out all that info at the jungle cruise…see, aren’t jc cms nice! :slight_smile:


And here I thought this was about a fashion purchase. I was about to cheer you on for wearing yellow shoes. But I’ll cheer you on for the job instead!


Definitely go for it!! What a great job that would be huh?? You seem to be a very confident intelligent person and that should easily come across to them too!! Good luck! :wink:


LOL! :laugh: My black flip flops are all I ever wear to WDW. I’m not that courageous.

Well, the next time we go to WDW I’m going to bring my resume to the casting office, and that will be our first stop. I really wanted to bring my ad portfolio from my senior year in college, but my cat Frodo found it first, and now it looks like swiss cheese :fork_off: So I’ll just have to be super happy and friendly instead. :wacko:


Aw, you gotta try it! I bought a pair of yellow and green Nike’s last year to match an Oakland A’s jersey and practice shirt I have. There’s a few other things that match them, but I really bought them just for thsose 2 shirts. Sad.

But I do hope you get that job. Can you replace anything in the portfolio? Copies?


Unfortunately I can’t replace them.:crying: Many of them were hand-drawn in pastels.


Disney has the same hiring practices as any other company. You should also know that the CM’s who work in the parks are generally not salaried, and the “steps” to promotion for a salaried employee are very different. A salaried employee rarely starts at the bottom. Salaried generally refers to skilled candidates with education and/or experience, and that’s what an advertising position would fall under. It’s definitely worth a shot. Good luck!! (And I agree about repairing that portfolio somehow, even if you have to leave some damaged pieces out)


That’s true that Disney promotes heavily from within. I mean, come on, Al Weiss started as a Custodial Host back in the day and now he’s the president of the place!

My Disney recruiter asked me what my ultimate dream was at Disney, and I said, “well, I wouldn’t mind having Al’s job!”

Anyways, I say go for it- it’s always worth a try, and if you’re dropping off a resume, what are you really losing, two sheets of paper at most?


EJ, I dropped my resume off at CC and also went to the career page of and applied to a few jobs.

I check weekly for new openings and apply to any that are close to what I’m looking for.

Don’t give up…


EJ… hurry and get your dream job at Yellow Shoes Creative so you can hire ME!!!