Yes yes yes


i just recevied my disney trip package today and magic express package yesterday sweet sweet sweet only 31 days todays to go trip will come very quickly now:mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey:


I know how you feel, recieved my trip package last week and my ME one two weeks before that!! Getting mail from Disney is sooooo exciting! We leave in 21 days! Enjoy your trip!


package comes withy many vouchers one of which is the photo memories book which is free . I read the small print for it the shipping for the book is free as well in country and out of the country express ship is extra cost . There is also a photopass card included in the package with discounts when you register.


Good stuff! We opted not to go with the Memories Vacation Package, as it turned out to be more expensive for us in the long run! Enjoy your memory book in combination with your photopass, will make for a very memorable souvenier!


I hope both of you have great vacations!


That is so much fun! We haven’t gotten our packets yet, but are 39 days out still, so will expect them soon. Have a great time getting ready for the trip!


We’re there the same time as you! And, no I haven’t gotten our Magical Express yet, but anxiously awaiting it. I’m hoping maybe five more days of waiting and we will receive it.:laugh:

Okay, in looking at my countdown, I thought I had 38 days, but it says 35 days…so will be there a little earlier than you!:blush:


Those 31 days feel like forever we are leaving in 7 days. Can’t wait :mickey:


Oh so excited for you all and so jealous too! I want great TR’s guys, so I can at least live through your vacations and get my Disney fix!


Disney mail always puts a smile on my face!


Actually, looking forward to writing my first trip report when I get back. :laugh:


im in September and have not gotten my stuff yet. I call from work just aobut every day to see if it came. when can we expect it?


Guess who just got their Magical Express envelope in the mail!!! The boys just rolled their eyes as I did my Disney dance from the mailbox to the house! Faerie Dust, yours must be on the way soon, as we are arriving the same day.


i have been sick so haven’t check my mail box yet… it is pouring out… I guess i have to hint for dh to go lol. congrats. that is the best mail. :mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey:


Disney mail is always the best mail one can ever get. I only have 6 days left and going nuts for it to be over with.


well we didn’t get it yet but we paid for it a few days late so that may be the reason… we are trying very hard to not do these trips on plastic especially with Christmas so soon after. :mickey::mickey::mickey: