Yet another Dining Plan question


Just spending a little time thinking about the upcoming trip. Since this will be our first time using the Dining Plan, I was wonderig if there are CS places that serve breakfast so that we could use out CS credits for breakfast. We usually like to have a decent breakfast and then eat dinner when we are at Disney. If not, we will plan on having breakfast in the room, but then I have no clue how we will fit lunch in. So much to think about…


I think you feel like I do. Just when I think I comprehend something I get another twist or turn. Mind you, I am loving every minute of it! :blush:
I was looking for CS joints and the selections seem really poor especially for kids. We are both breakfast eaters and I would love the option of using a CS for breakfast because there are just too many TS for dinner I am interested in!


One thought. My wife and I are not huge breakfast people - We’ve hit “carts” on the go and grabbed some great fresh fruit for breakfast in AK. I’m actually looking forward to that breakfast in . . . about 58 days. It really depends on what you are looking for.


Carts on the go with bagels, etc? Or can you say grab a breakfast burrito to munch on as well? I am fine with grab and go, I just gotta know where to go and if I can use CS points!


We would like to be able to eat a regular breakfast like eggs, sausage, or bacon. I know that the foodcourt at AS Movies served breakfast, but we are staying at BCV this trip and probably won’t have a car, so it will be hard to get to a foodcourt at one of the values.


The fruit is considered “snacks” so it is neither a CS or TS. Not sure if Bagels fall into that category. Breakfast Burritos I would have no clue about.


Really good question.
We are staying at the BW and have the same query.

The BC and BW both have these small “grab and go” breakfast places , they open only in the morning.
As far as I know it’s all quick breakfast foods, no full breakfasts like you could get, for exapmle at the WL Roaring Forks.
Other than that it’s table service for breakfast.
For this reason we didn’t plan any CS breakfasts for our trip.


I know that they had breakfast items available at the CS resturant in Epcot (the electric umbrela?) when we went at christmas. The menu changes at 11ish to the lunch menu.

I think that they do breakfast items at MGM as well, if my memory serves me well.


Here is the menu at the Electric Umbrella and this one for the ABC commissary at MGM


Thanks for your help. At least we can enjoy breakfast at 2 of the parks this trip. I just can’t imagine eating a big lunch and a big dinner. I would rather have a good breakfast and a good dinner with a snack such as fruit for lunch.


Tusker House in Animal Kingdom
ABC Commisary in Disney/MGM
Electric Umbrella in Epcot, as well as the food court in The Land, World Showcase doesn’t open until 11, after breakfast.
There doesn’t seem to be counter service breakfast in MK.
Resorts: Mara-AK Lodge, Boardwalk Bakery (limited offerings), Carribean Beach Food Court, Contemporary Food and Fun Center, Pepper Market-Coronado Springs, Goods-Old Key West, Poly-Captain Cook’s Snack Company, Port Orleans Food Court, Saratoga Springs-Artist’s Palette.
This looks like all your counter service choices except Pop and All Stars.


I just said this I think yesterday in another thread. Just plan for breakfast for the first two days. After three days on the meal plan, you’ll be so stuffed you won’t even think about breakfast in the morning. Maybe use your snack to get an apple or banana at the food court!