Yet another Disney injury


Woman injured in boat crash at Disney | from

A woman was injured in a boating accident on Thursday at Walt Disney World near the Treehouse Villas.

Yikes. Hit by a ferry???
Hope everyone is OK.

I’ve always been surprised that no one has been “reportedly” injured by those bikes that people ride around the Epcot resorts promenade. Either a rider or pedestrian. I make sure I stay away from them when I hear the bell coming<g>.



Yikes, I hope she’s feeling better soon.


Oh wow! I wonder if they were on a sea racer. DH and I are renting the boston whalers when we go down BUT we both have our boat DL’s. I sure hope they are ok and feeling better soon!


Those waters are too congested for my liking and there are too many no wake zones. Same goes for Crescent Lake to a lesser extent.
By the way, ferry is the wrong word to describe a 30 foot pontoon boat, and that is what they use for water shuttles that serve DTD.
So, if it was a small boat, it was a Sea Raycer. And we all know how often I rent Sea Raycers and ride the wakes of the big launches and ferries on Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake and I’ve never come close to a collision, even in the canal between SSL and Bay Lake with a large launch coming in both directions. That said, this couple must have not been paying attention to where they were.

I saw this comment attached to the article:

anon9876 says:
April 27, 2010 at 8:28 pm

Where are all the Disney bashers? Sleeping? The 6PM news reported the husband and wife were not watching what they were doing.

I do feel bad for this couple. They got themselves seriously injured a long way from home. But I’m guessing they forgot they were in a real boat and not on a guideway controlled ride.

Edit: I also have to wonder how fast they were going. The narrow waterways are all no wake zones, partly to preserve the shoreline from erosion. So if it was so narrow that they got themselves in front of a pontoon boat, it was probably also a speed limited area.
Disney’s boat captains are a lot more cautious than the bus drivers because they are all trained to know boats don’t have brakes so you can’t just stop, or even turn out of the way quickly.


From the news story
“Barbara’s husband, who was driving the watercraft, has stated that he thought the ferry would move out of his way, but when he realized the ferry was staying course he attempted to make a sharp turn to avoid it, but didn’t have enough time.”

He thought the ferry would move out of his way? Is this guy for real?
It is a shame the accident occurred but what kind of a person thinks a boat as large as that ferry would or could move like that? Once again another example of people not taking responsibility for themselves, their own safety, and the safety of others.
Those small boats are fairly agile when at full speed. If he couldn’t turn in time what makes him think the ferry could turn that quick.
I think there is more to this story.


I’m sorry but I’m going to call this guy a name.
This clown thought the Disney Transport vessel was going to move out of his way?
When he rented the boat, he had to read the rules of the road and then sign a paper that he read and understood them and would obey the rules. Very close to the top of that list is to stay away from the big boats and to give them right of way. The marinas will not release a boat to you until and unless you sign this paper. He caused the accident, pure and simple. So because he couldn’t pay attention and follow the rules in a congested waterway, his wife is badly injured 4 thousand miles from home.
Bravo Bozo! Bravo!

Edit: Was he driving on the wrong side of the road becuae that’s what he’s used to? I know on Crescent Lake and also the canal between Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake all traffic keeps to the right, just like our roads (and dual tracked railroads).


Those boats are pretty slow. It reminds me of the steamroller scene in Austin Powers.


This is so sad. People seem to lose common sense during vacation time.


In NYS you have to take and pass a boater safety course in order to drive a jet ski. In that course they even tell you that large ships have the right away even over sail boats. This is because theses boats turn and stop very slowly. You would think common sense would kick in with some people. I know when I’m on the motorcycle even if I do have the right away I dont challange cars. Soundgod is right this guy is a clown amoung other words I can think of. I hope this does not jepordize renting boats in the future.


I’m always amazed at the boats I see on Crescent Lake as we walk back and forth between DHS and the Epcot Resorts. Some remind me of kids on their first bike ride. All over the place and they seem to love challenging the water taxi’s. And those guys/gals are always blowing that horn.


Crescent Lake is just too confined for me. It’s all no wake and you really have to pay attention because there are usually 4 Friendships running the route.
And I’d more quickly do CL than the waterway that connects DTD with Port Orleans and OKW. That’s way too tight for me!


Ouch sounds painful hope she is ok