Yeti Vision Certificate


Hi all,

I got back from WDW last week and completely forgot to use my Yeti Vision certificate for a free ride photo from Expedition Everest. I also didn’t redeem my free pin certificate for using DME.

If anyone is going to WDW soon and would like either of these, send me a PM. I can send them snail mail to the first person to send me a message that they would like either one. The photo certificate expires 9/30, so please only PM me if you are going to WDW before then.

I figured it would be a shame for the certificate to go to waste!


Where did you get the Yeti Vision certificate? As for asking, I’ll expect that someone else has been awarded your certificate by now. And if I actually were collecting on ride photos from roller coasters, I probably would have no walls left to hang them on. And who of you can say they have an undoctored phote of themself on Splash Mountain with the entire boat to him/herself?


Yeah. Where did you get this? This is the first that I have heard about it.