Yikes! Will there be crowds on Mother's Day?


Being the planner that I am… My flight has been booked for months…hotels too…
However, I overlooked a fairly large detail! In consulting my brand new 2006 calendar I received for Christmas I realized that … our Disney Days will be over MOTHERS DAY! ( I don’t know how I missed that one!) First thought was
Yay! Second thought was oh no!- I am concerned that there will be tons of other Disney mom’s that want to be there too! :noo: Not that I blame them but I usually book in the absolute slowest times of year… This year was an exception to even consider travelling in May! It is usually Feb-April for us and even then avoiding all holidays.

So, fellow DC’ers… What are your thoughts on crowds this Mother’s day? I heard last year was bad due to the Anniversary. What about this year?
I can handle 30-minute lines ok and we won’t be worried about Fantasyland this year so Dumbo can be hours long! But I am hoping the bigger kids areas are not packed!!




My DD and I went 2 years ago over Mothers Day. The crowds weren’t bad at all. We did MGM in the morning, and Epcot at night though, so I don’t know how the Magic Kingdom was. The really nice thing is you’ll get a nice flower when you enter the park :heart: .

Also, it was nice to do Epcot that day because of the Flower and Garden festivities that were happening. Epcot looked so beautiful!!


I’ve never been on Mother’s Day proper, but I’ve been during the weeks prior to and following it and found crowds to be manageable. Mother’s Day at Disney World brings several events that draw moms and families (lots of locals I’d guess), but I don’t think crowds noticiably increase like they do during three-day weekends, etc.

Touringplans.com lists the crowd level for most of May at a 6-7. Mother’s Day is listed at a 7.


That is a great website! Is there a DL one also?



Rest assured, Mommys will be expecting flowers, cards and a yummy brunch somewheres.

At least mine always did.

I would hazard a guess that at least the MORNING should be fairly light.


We will be there 3 full days including Monday so I am hoping that it is not a packed travel period. Maybe we should do DCA on Mothers day? I wonder if that would be less busy? Any thoughts?
The best laid plans…Geeze…



Sorry, Zoey! I didn’t even look at the forum we were in!


I would say yes, a holiday is a holiday.


Zoey…I was there just this past Mother’s Day, and it wasn’t busy at all, grant it, it was the kick off weekend of the 50th, but sunday, lines averaged 15-20 minutes the ‘big’ rides like splash mountain and Indiana Jones. I hope your Mother’s Day at Disneyland will be just as much fun as mines was!!! If I could I would go there EVERY Mom’s Day! (because my birthday is usually the day before too) but this year we will be going in October! Ask any questions…if I can help I’d be happy to!!! Happy New Year!



OOPS!!! Me too!!! :redface: :blush:


Thanks Krisitna!
That calms my fears a bit! I had heard it was really packed last year … I can’t think of a better place to be that day anyway- even if it was an accident! Actually the most bizarre part is that this was going to be a mother/daughter trip to begin with! My DH is excited too because our DD already suggested exactly what to get me for Mother’s day… lots of Disney Dollars smirk



We’ve been there a couple of times on Mother’s Day. Crowds weren’t too bad, and you gotta love getting a flower!
Oops! My experience has been at WDW…sorry! :pinch:


The crowds arent usually bad at all on Mothers Day, or so I have experienced in the past. :smile:


LOL! I keep hearing about the flower … I love flowers- however, this mom will squish it on SM or TOT. I just don’t know how i’ll keep it safe during a full day at the park!

Thanks for your thoughts… I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a smaller attendance that day. Like I mentioned, we will be there more than one day thankfully…so, we should manage to get everything in.



I was there for Mother’s Day 2004 and it was pretty nice. I always expect for bigger crowds on weekends and bigger still for holidays, but it was very close to a regular late spring Sunday…

And of course there are always some neat little gifts that you can load up for Moms that you won’t see anywhere else! :tongue: I got my wife a little stuffed Pooh clutching some flowers and it is still sitting out on display! :biggrin:

Sometimes I will go to DCA or do a lot of shopping on the weekend days and focus less on the rides. Also keep in mind that Fast Passes help you to squeeze in more rides no matter what!

But don’t let Mother’s Day discourage you! It is a great day! A great day for a Mother’s Day brunch too! :wink:


We went in 2003 and the crowd was not large at all. Sat are always big days at MK but Sunday Epcot wasn’t that crowded except for the brunch but we ate early and there wasn’t a crowd at all to get into Epcot.