I am trying to make some dining reservations for a friend of mine at work for August 19-24. I was able to get her CRT for breakfast, Chef Mickey’s for a really early breakfast and Crystal Palace for lunch. Otherwise there is nothing!! Kinda scary!!:laugh:


Wow! I’m glad I grabbed the 2 I wanted when I did. We are going August 15-20, and luckily, I didn’t have any trouble getting either Akershus for a 10:30 breakfast seating and Whispering Canyon for dinner. I hope something will open up for your friend!


Free dining will do that. Usually the parks aren’t too full, just the restaurants.


Makes me thankful for booking my ressies at 180 days!!! We will be there the same time as her, but I have all 13 days booked!! This was a last minute trip for her and she was shocked to discover that she had to make dining reservations!! Hope some things will open up!!:laugh:


I know where you’re coming from. I’m helping a friend/coworker plan a possible summer trip. It’s their second time as a family, their last trip was maybe 6 years ago. I suggested the counter service plan because of their late scheduling (July trip). I doubt they would get many of the ADRs they would want at the times that would want. I also think it may be less stressful for them if they aren’t running around trying to make ADRs as rookies.


thats why I made my Aug reservations in Feb


Good luck to your friend! We didn’t really think we would be going back to WDW this year so I was inside our 180 days :confused: luckily I was able to get most of what I wanted ~ just need to be REALLY flexible!


Might force you into some new places. I liked the Turf Club and Olivia’s, two places I was forced into…


One funny thing last year… You couldn’t get a reservation but when we actually went to the restaurants it seemed like they were only using half of them…LOL… Both my mom and I commented last year while sitting and looking around that it seemed like half the seating areas were closed!! We went at all different times from 5 to 7:30 and the only one with all the tables full was Rose & Crown (that was our 7:30 seating for the fireworks)… Made me wonder if they offered free dining then cut down on the available ressie’s to make up for some of the loss…


I too have had to rework my ADR’s my brother and sis-in-law want to come the first three days we are there. And want to eat with us. Well I made all mine at the 180 day mark so trying to get them with us as been very hard. I try everyday and if one opens up I take it and keep trying to get a better time.


I would think its all the folks (like us) who have been waiting on the free dining release. Luckily I made mine as soon as possible to ensure we got the ressies we needed.


That’s kinda awsome…for you and me. I’ll be there during that time frame and maybe the crowds won’t be.:laugh: