Yipee, It's official we told the kids today!


I had to do some fancy footwork to arrange our Christmas trip, but it finally fell into place. We got an e-mail from Santa today, that would allow us to take our trip. The kids were very excited, and truthfully so am I! The only draw back was that I finally know my ds11 no longer believes. We’ll be leaving in 30 days. I am so excited. Thanks for letting me share. Lynn


Yay! Good for you!


Yeah! Now you can share the excitement with the kids!


Happy travels. I am excited for you and if your trip is half as wonderful as ours was, you’ll have a grand time :wink:


I hope you have a magical time


That is fabulous news, CONGRATS!!!


Congrats, you’ll have a wonderful time. The year I surprised my kids with a trip to WDW was one of the most memorable Christmas mornings WDW around the holidays is an experience not to be missed.


Good for you as there is nothing like Disney at Christmas time


YAY have fun!!!


Congrats!! How exciting!!


Lol. The first time I read this I thought it said:

Yipee, It’s official we SOLD the kids today!.. :laugh:

Sounds like you’re gonna have fun anyway! :happy:


Congrats and have fun!




What a great Xmas! Hope you have a wonderfull time!


Thats wonderful!! Have a fantastic trip!


:laugh: :laugh: :blink:

Yay! How exciting for all of you! Have a wonderful time!:happy:


Thats great. I know ya’ll will have a good time. My 10yr old still belives b/c I told him if he doesn’t then there will be nothing under the tree for him. So he still wishes. Great for me!


Congratulations!!! There is nothing better than a Disney Christmas!!!:tinytree:


Have a spooktac…um…errr Mickey Christmas time?!
No really, enjoy. Whether he believes or not, he should have an awesome time, and maybe realize that his family did this, so you can take a little credit for the hard work.


What a great Christmas present!

(I still believe… well… it’s better to write a letter to Santa to play it safe :happy:)