Yipee! ressies made!


Ok, I had been making plans for a March 15th trip to WDW for the 7 of us. But things have happened/changed and we canceled our trip. Well…fil had gotten the Disney bug in November when he was here.

Fast forward 2 months and he calls us to say ressies have been confirmed for me and the 3 oldest, him, mil, and my neice. Dh starts school in May, he will stay here w/ the 2 youngest and drop them off at my g-ma’s while he’s in classes then pick them up after wards. So June 9th here we come!

June 9th-12th at POFQ. We’re doing the CS ddp since we can just stop in for meal #3 and see if they have any tables open etc. If not, no biggie CS it is. I don’t know who is more excited me or the kids. Probably me since I’ll be diaper free for 4 days! It’s been ummmmm 9 yrs since I’ve been diaper/stroller free for more than a few hours.

:goofybounce: YAY for fil and his discounted hotel rooms! lol

BTW if anyone has any news of any good discounts lemme know. He got a 37% code for mod hotel rooms from now til June 12th (our check out date) I told him about this board and I think he’s been lurking ever since. :laugh:


:laugh: Being at WDW or no diapers, which one is more exciting?


Hmmm…I’ll take both! lol:laugh: Now as for dh…he’s got some major diaper duty those 4 days. If only the 1 yr old could talk better. :blink:


Wow diaper free! Enjoy


yay…life is always better with a trip planned and ressies made! :happy: