Yippeeee! I just made our ADR


Hello everyone!!!

Made our ADR’s this moring, we have the Dinning Plan…how do they look :happy:

Day 1 Chef Mickey’s for dinner
Day 2 Ohannas for breakfast (new for us)
Day 3 Mamas Melrose for dinner (new )
Day 4 Le Cellier for dinner and our TEN year wedding anniversary (new)
Day 5 Hoop Dee Doo
Day 6 The Plaza for dinner
Day 7 Donald’s Breakfastosaurus (new)
Day 8 Whispering Canyon For dinner (new)
Day 9 Chef Mickey’s for dinner
Day 10 Open - it’s our last day and our plane departs at 6:55 pm so I think we will just leave this day open

It was really nice to make them all at once and it only took about ten minutes or so. After a lot of talking with my DH we deceide not to do CRT for breakfast this trip, we just did not think it was worth two table service. We talked about paying for it out of pocket but it would cost $107.95, plus tax and gratuity :eek: a lot of money for breafast when our two children did not not eat much there on our other trips.

we are going to pay for a Breakfast out of pocket

Thank you for letting me share this with you!!!


Great choices all around, you really picked some winners, thanks for sharing.

Just to clarify though, the character breakfast at CRT does not count as 2 sit downs on the dining plan. Don’t know if that’s what kept you from choosing it, but either way, you’ve got some great ADR’s there.


You really seem to have all the good stuff covered. Nice going!

And Happy Anniversary in advance. Le Cellier is a fine choice for celebrating.


Thank you. Starting Febuary 1, 2006 CRT will be count as two DP sit down meals, there is a thread on it here. You now get a few pictures included in the new price.


I do remember that thread now, thanks. I had forgotten and didn’t know your travel dates.

In any case, have a great trip!


I think your ADR’s look great ! Congrats on your plans. :heart:


I like all your choices!! You’re going to have a great time :c)


Thank you everyone! I’m stating to second guess going to WC…I really wanted to try LTT, but DH does not. I know from DCers that WC is good so I guess I will kept it. :happy:

I do have a question, I really wanted the kids to wake up Tinker Bell, what do you think are our chances if we wont be in the park early for breakfast? Can you get in early if you do not have a ADR? :huh: I’m confused :huh: LOL


You will love Whispering Canyon, especially if you have small children. The CM’s really get them (and you) involved. The food is good too.

Too answer your question. You shouldn’t have a problem getting into MK that early even if you don’t have ADR’s. They have no way of knowing at the entrance whether or not you have ADR’s or not, so you’ll be able to get in.


Looks like you have picked a lot of great places. Have not tried WC but LTT was wonderful! :mickey:


You have some great meals planned. You will have a great trip!


All great choices. I think you will espically like your anniversary dinner at LeCellier.


Thank you, We are really looking forward to it!


Thank you, I did not think of that :wink:


Looks like you’ve definitely done your homework and made some really good choices. We did Donald’s, Chef Mickeys, and Hoop De Doo on our trip last April. Donald’s was OK for a character breakfast (food not very good) but the other two were fantastic!!! You should have a blast. It sounds like you lined up your meals w/ Magic Hours. We tried to do the same and it worked pretty well, especially our dinner in the World Showcase w/ reservations about 2 hrs before the start of IllumiNations. We finished our meal about 20 minutes before start time and got a great viewing spot!! :excl: