Yo Ho Yo Ho Trip Report


We got back yesterday from my DD’s 6th birthday trip to Disney.
Cast: Me and DD6
Sept. 25-30
Fav new restaurant: Sanaa - phenomenal!
Fav new ride: Pirates of the Caribbean
Fav new event: Pirates and Pal Fireworks Cruise and Pirate’s League
Fav parade: Boo to You MNSSHP

I’ll try to post some pictures and start a trip report later today.


You had me worried for a sec. I thought that was your whole TR. :eek:

Can’t wait for it. :happy: No pressure though…well, a little pressure.


Gotta love trip reports! Can’t wait to hear yours and see the pics!


Day 1 - Friday - we arrived 15 minutes early and went to get our bags and meet Quicksilver. They were great. We made a quickstop at the grocery to pick up a couple of things (which we really didn’t need) and pulled into Contemporary at noon. We were upgraded to a Tower room, lake view and our room was ready!! What a great surprise. We went up to our room and had our luggage brought up. We were on the 10th floor on the MK end of the Contemporary. The room was very nice and the view was breathtaking, especially at sunrise.

We had lunch ressies at 1 at the Wave to meet a friend and her family. I had ordered a special cake for my DD’s birthday. It was gorgeous and very yummy! Unfortunately, it was huge and the leftovers would not fit in our little dorm size refrigerator. I did cut a couple of pieces and placed on paper plates that would fit in the fridge. I really didn’t take food pictures but I had the chicken sandwich which was good and had a crab cake appetizer. Rest of my party had a reuben and hamburger which they said was really good. Restaurant was not crowded at all. Service was quite slow so I wouldn’t recommend it if you were looking for a quick bite. The lounge is gorgeous and we had fun waiting for our party before our lunch.

The Wave Lounge and the birthday cake


Then it was off to MK for a few hours. Crowds were quite low and we walked on to rides in Adventureland. This was the first of many rides on Pirates. My DD seems to have fallen in love with the ride - and it didn’t hurt that we could walk on to almost all of the rides. After hitting Jungle Cruise, Splash, Pirates (a couple of times), we headed over to Fantasyland which was packed!! We rode Small World and then headed out to get ready for our dinner at California Grill. Our ressies were at 7:50 and we were seated about 8:15. I had the lobster risotto and filet. Both were very good. My DD was exhausted, though, so we didn’t stay for dessert or fireworks (she was falling asleep at the table - she had been up since 5 am). The server gave us a couple of desserts to take back to the room, including a rice krispy sushi - another one of the few food pics I took. Service was okay - hard for me to judge it fairly because I ended up in a hurry to get my DD to bed so it seemed slow. My DD had salad for appetizer and macaroni and cheese for dinner. She said it was really good but didn’t eat much of it.


That cake looks amazing and bigger than most cakes I’ve seen in TRs. Did it taste as good as it looked?

And that upgrade, what type of room did you book? From someone who has never gotten an unpgrade, I would have been crying getting a room like that.


[QUOTE=jo-jo;996326]That cake looks amazing and bigger than most cakes I’ve seen in TRs. Did it taste as good as it looked?

And that upgrade, what type of room did you book? From someone who has never gotten an unpgrade, I would have been crying getting a room like that.[/QUOTE]

The cake was huge!! I called the cake hotline to get in special ordered. I had booked a garden room. I did cry when I got the upgrade. It made it much easier to actually be in the main building.


sounds good so far can’t wait to read more.


Day 2 - Saturday - Our day started at Pirate’s Adventure. My DD had a blast getting all done up like a pirate. She especially enjoyed the pirate’s oath. It really is a fun experience, even for girlie girls. Afterwards, we had to ride PofC, of course. We then rode a few other rides and hopped on the monorail for breakfast/lunch at O’Hana’s. As we were waiting on our table, my DD was bumped and she dropped her pink little bag from Pirates (with her black nail polish in, face stickers and lipstick). I immediately smelled fingernail polish and sure enough, the black nail polish had broken - everything was ruined. We had a few tears - no true meltdown - and headed in for our breakfast. The food was good. The breakfast potatoes are especially good!! We really enjoyed the characters. Stitch had missed our table and I let our waitress know - not a big deal as I know they are very good at making sure you see all characters. Well, when Stitch came back, he made quite a show about being sorry. My DD really giggled!!

After breakfast, we decided to head back to the hotel for a quick swim as it was really hot. We ended up spending the rest of the day at the pool. My DD loved the slide. They had a hula hoop contest, dancing, musical blocks, etc. as a pool party in the afternoon. It was alot of fun and a good way to spend a very hot and humid afternoon.

Next on our agenda was our first trip to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue. We sat a high table at the back on the first floor. We were able to see everything really well. I loved the sangria that came with our meal!! The show was fun and my DD really got a kick out of it. I really enjoyed it too!!

When we came out of the show, she saw a horse and carriage and asked if we could take a ride. I splurged and we signed up for the 8 spot! We walked around Ft. Wilderness and saw the horses, including Khan - the horse that carries the headless horseman in the parade. It was really cool.

We really enjoyed our carriage ride. Our driver played Disney music and asked my DD which movies the songs were from. She did really well and knew almost all of them, including some of the classics!! It was a relaxing way to spend the evening and learn about Ft. Wilderness. Next trip, I would really like to spend more time there. It looked like a park unto itself!

Then, we got in line for the boat ride back to Contemporary. As we were in line, it started to sprinkle, then it started to pour. By the time the boat got there, it was a full blown storm. The boat was still running so we got on. We had to keep our eyes closed and heads down as it was raining so hard it hurt your eyes. When we finally got to the Contemporary (felt like a 30 minute trip), we were soaked through to the bone. We took hot showers and crashed quite quickly. Here are a few pics from Day 2.


More pics from Day 2


Sounds like a fun trip so far. I loved going to WDW with my DD at that age…it was perfect. Can’t wait to hear and see more.


Oh great. She’s already deserted us.



Sounds like a great trip! I can’t wait to hear about what you had at Sanaa - I miss it and can’t wait to eat there again.


Your DD is precious! I love her pirate gear–she looks sooo cute!


[QUOTE=Dopey;996521]Oh great. She’s already deserted us.


I promise - did not desert - just had to work all day. I’ll add another day later tonight if I can stay awake. It’s amazing how tired I am after a Disney vacation!! Thanks for reading!


Thanks. The Pirate Adventure was really fun. She is normally VERY shy but seemed to open up with the pirates who transformed her!!


On to Day 3 - Sunday - Hollywood Studios Day.
This was the only day we needed to take the bus. We only waited about 15 minutes in the morning and arrived just at opening to join the mad rush to Toy Story Mania!! When we got there, the Fastpass line was about as long as the stand-by line so into the 20 minute standby line we went!! This was our first time through the line (had fastpassed it last time) and we had so much fun with all of the toys! I will post a few of our pictures. My DD took at least 20 pictures of things inside the line. We really had fun - can’t tell you the scores - I know they weren’t great!! After the ride, we grabbed fastpasses to ride later in the day (10:30-11:30 was the FP return time).

Then, it was onto the Backlot Studio Tours so that we could see the chicken coop from Hannah Montana Movie. My DD was very excited to see this. We were supposed to leave to go to Cape May for breakfast but decided to cancel and stay at HS. I walked into SciFi at 10:55 and was told they could get us in at 11. We had never eaten here and my daughter really enjoyed the experience. The food was okay, milkshakes were good. I had a turkey sandwich and I honestly have no clue what DD had that day. After that, we headed to the Great Movie Ride because we had a few minutes to kill before the High School Musical Show. Well, when we came off the ride, it had just finished pouring so they had cancelled the show and the cast was doing a meet and greet instead. My DD thought that was kind of odd because “it certainly was not Zac Efron or Vanessa Hudgens!”. We then headed over the Beauty and the Beast show which was entertaining as always.

It looked like it was going to storm again so we headed to Animators studio - and not a minute too soon. As we were waiting to go in, the skies opened up. My DD did quite a few of the computer games, we drew Chip, and that was about it. She didn’t want to wait in line to meet the Up characters (I think I have spoiled her - we try to do all our meet and greets at meals so we have more time for rides). It was then time to catch the bus to AKL-Kidani for dinner at Sanaa.

We loved our meal and our server. While we did not have a window table (they were for larger parties that night), we could still see quite a few giraffes stroll by as well as zebras and ostrich. We had the bread sampler - we had naan and one other bread. My DD thought she saw a hidden mickey in the naan (pic posted below) and had to take a picture of it. I loved the dips that it came with - I had the cucumber dip, hummus, and a really spicy one. Very yummy. For dinner, I had the tandori lamb and my DD had the pasta with turkey marinara. She actually really liked it. We then had the dessert sampler with chai cream, some type of traditional Indian ice cream, and chocolate cake. I loved the chai cream and my DD LOVED the Indian ice cream. So much so that whenever she ordered ice cream after this, she asked if we couldn’t go back to the animal place and have ice cream there because it was so much better!! They sang Happy Birthday to her and it was really cool. After dinner, we went outside to watch the animals and then bussed it back to Contemporary.

We got to our room at 8:30 and from our balcony, she could see that the Hannah Montana Movie had just started on the beach so we had to go watch it!! It was quite a relaxing evening!


Looks like a hidden mickey to me! lol Enjoying the trip report and the pics, glad you both had a wonderful time!


Day 4- DD’s 6th birthday at MK

We had breakfast at the Castle at 8:20 so we got to enter the park without crowds - so fun!! This was a fun surprise for my DD. We have a few photopass pics I’ll post after we get that. Breakfast was okay - my DD loved all the princesses and her wand with wishing stars. We had a window seat which was great to look out over Fantasyland. After breakfast, we hit as many rides as we could handle!! We must have ridden Pirates another 3 or 4 times!! We finally got fastpasses for Peter Pan so that we could ride that as the line was always about 30 minutes (I know, not long, but compared to 5 minute lines, long). We also did alot of shopping as she had her $68 gift card to spend and it was burning a whole in her pocket. We ended up with 4 more stuffed animals and more Disney jewelry!!

I talked her into getting a Dole Whip Float but once we got to the front of the line, she decided all she wanted was vanilla ice cream - tip for moms of small kids - have them put it into a drinking cup - it was melting all over as it was too big for the small sundae cup they put it in. Anyways, she tried mine and took the rest of it!! Next time, we each get our own. So yummy - hands down best use of a snack credit!!

We had dinner ressies at Crystal Palace. They were running approx. 30 minutes behind schedule. Once we were seated, with lots of drinks, our mood rapidly improved, not to mention the fun characters. This is where my DD told me that piglet wasn’t real as there was a person in that costume. She said she could see the person through the back!! However, she did not think that about the other characters. The food was pretty good - I love the Thai Mussels.

After dinner, we had to head back to the Contemporary for a surprise -I had booked us on the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise. What a great time!! It started with lots of snacks followed by a meet and greet with Cpt. Hook and Mr. Smee. I was surprised that my DD went up to meet them - she has consistently refused in the parks because she says Cpt. Hook is too scary!! We then boarded our boat (we were on Mr. Smee’s boat) and headed out to see!! The pirate on our ship was great and shared many stores and songs with us on our way out. We got to watch the Electrical parade from the water - how fun - and then the fireworks. We could even see Tinkerbell fly from the castle. It was phenomenal! On the way back, we played Disney trivia for prizes. I won a light up skull mug for knowing the name of the Indian princess in Peter Pan. Then, as we were docking, we were told to close our eyes and wish for Peter Pan. And when we docked, there he was!! There was then a meet and greet for Peter Pan. We waiting in the line for approx. 10 minutes and then my DD said she was too tired and needed to go to bed. It had been a long and fun day so off we went to bed without a hello to Peter. It was a great way to spend her 6th birthday.

Some Pics:


More pictures