YOAMD Decor Ending


It has been said and rumored that the Year of a Million Dreams decor at DLR is going to be taken down within the next few weeks. They say the celebration will still continue (even though Disney had talked about completely canceling it, Im not sure if they actually will) but lets see if all the decor is really coming down or if its just a rumor and such.

Anyone have anymore info on this and what does everyone think?


I hope not IM going in September…


Well, I think the decor is kind of ugly… :whistling

Of course, it’ll probably still be there when I go, and after that, it’ll be so long before I get back it’s sure to be gone! :laugh:


He’s talking about DL, not WDW.


When is YOAMD going to end, anyway? September/October? I didn’t really like the blue and purple and the clouds… I thought it was pretty cheesy,.


I have gotten word that it seems the cheap decor of swirls are being removed and being replaced with a much more upscale YOAMD decor (The DCA letters just got clouds in-set to them…like what they do at XMAS with the candy cane stripes…only with clouds) and the coloring of the letters are nice. So we shall see what will be happening…and with the Disney Gallery being turned into some sort of Cinderella Suite I dont think YOAMD is ending any time soon…we shall see…


I was disappointed in the whole thing. Saw a handful of people with the magic fast pass but I only say one person actually passing stuff out.

Last trip hardly saw anybody with passes.

Lets move on to something else!


Wow, I am surprised so many people were opposed to the design, overall colors, installations, and graphics used for the YoaMD celebration. To be completely honest I found the more whimsical theme of this celebration refreshing after the heavier regal imagery of the 50th Celebration. It’s a stark constrast between the two and in my opinion all the colors, designs, and fluff of the current was appropriate for fanfare celebrating “dreams.”

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the basis of this celebration being “random” prize giveaways and after now completing a trip to WDW and DL during YoAMD I will say this is the only part of it I feel kinda stunk. In my opinion, if we were REALLY going to celebrate dreams Disney should have offered unique experiences for EVERYONE, attainable not only by random selection, but perhaps by choice too. For example, giving guests the opportunity to take a small gourmet cooking class in EPCOT, letting kids SIGN UP to be in a sectioned off part of a Disney parade, or even offering a small tour to shadow an animal caretaker in AK for those who may dream of being an entamologist or a zoologist one day; I could go on forever.

I think there were BIG opportunities here to make the focus of “dreams” a more tangiable & uniquely focused experience than just passing out Fast Passes to lines of people. Yes, those things were fabulous BUT, especially in Disneyland, I noticed these types of “dreams” would more frustrate the 1000 families waiting 2 hours to get on Indiana Jones who would then see the one family with it around their necks. I heard one girl, around age 8-9 I’d guess, say to her Mom; “but Mom, I want that dream too and we are here… why can’t we have that dream.” I didn’t really hear what Mom’s answer was but I guess the only explanation would really be that’s “it’s completely random, everyone has a chance, and you just have to get lucky.” Is that what dreams are really about though? I personally think that Disney using the theme to attract visitors in hopes that one of these extravagent “dreams” may be granted to them is a little sensationalist BUT obviously they have provided SOME opportunities; like children learning to be a Princess & some Pirate tutorial stuff.

Anyway, I just really believe that there were huge opportunities here for Disney to make this celebration a lot more meaningful and tangiable than random prize giveaways but I’m a ninny so I am sure everyone else is just taking it for what it is.

Otherwise, when I was in DL two weeks ago I hardly saw ANY YoaMD decor, just merchandise and a few light fixtures, etc. WDW defiantely has more fanfare going on for it. So maybe the rumor was already ringing true. It was basically turned into Nemoland, I probably wouldn’t have really noticed the YoaMD going on in either park if I didn’t already know about it previously.


I honestly hadn’t noticed much in the way of decor at DLR…guess I’m just not paying attention…


No, you ain’t dreamin’ there REALLY wasn’t a lot there AT ALL.


Good to know that I didn’t just have my head stuck in the clouds:happy:


Well on monday there was swirls on the tunnel going into the park under the train but i noticed yesterday that was gone and so was the stuff that was by the big mickey head in front of the train depot. It was kinda odd that it all went away sooo fast.

I thought the clouds in the california letters were different!


Personally I wish they would put more time between these celebration. It just seems that Disney could come up with a better way to fill the parks…

(I liked the idea of YoMD but it got tiresome fast…maybe it could have been a season of a couple hundred thousand gifts over the holidays.)


I really hope they put more up before i leave on friday!!

I’ve been really happy with soo far the YoMD We got dream fastpasses yesterday!!! It was pretty awesome


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I have seen the new decor for YOAMD at DLR, its very nice and much more light and dream like and all the swirley like decor has been removed and is being replaced with much more Disney like (althought I thought the last decor was just as Disney like) but this new stuff is just as nice! Here is a link from MouseTimes with two of the new banners and the new DCA letter overlay, this will give you a feel of their new theme at DLR - and yes, only DLR is getting the changes, not WDW. Enjoy!

  1. Banner 1 - MT Pictorial Image 68 of 69

  2. Banner 2 - MT Pictorial Image 69 of 69

  3. New CALIFORNIA Letters overlay - MT Pictorial Image 5 of 69

NOTE - These are just a FEW Of the new changes and new decor coming to DLR, a lot is in store for the fututre and most sound good! :smile: :mickey: