You all know I LOVE WDW surprises!


Well, I came up with another one…

My DD just finished 16 years of competitive soccer when her college team lost yesteday in the NAIA National Tournament in Daytona Beach. She’s a little blue about it. So, I arranged for a private surprise party for her at Jiko in AKL when we are at WDW this December. They have a small room separate from the rest of the restaurant and I made ressies for us to use it Dec. 29. There wil be about 10 of us there. Somehow, one of us will get here there on some kind of a ruse and the rest of us will already be there. The manager of the restaurant is VERY helpful and said we can get there early to put up some balloons and signs for DD. I think having a little surprise for her at her favorite place on earth will be just the thing…don’t you?

Any ideas on adding to the surprise?


aw - that sounds so wonderful!!


Wow… you are so awesome to do that for her!

Adding to her surprise… maybe a greeting with her favorite character?!!


You can put a disney stuffed animal with flowers on the table for a centerpiece or where your DD is sitting.


That is so cool! I don’t have any ideas but if I do, I’ll be back to post! :happy:

I love surprises, too. :happy:


What a wonderful surprise! :smile:


Or…to go with the soccer theme…a Disney stuffed animal with a soccer ball!!

Congrats to her!!! It must be a bit sad for her to know that it is coming to an end. Hopefully she’ll play with an adult team!!!

What position does she play? My DD has been playing for a while now, and is at her second year of club. She plays striker. We love it!!


Thanks - t

And to laurengold: DD plays midfield, usually central, but this season more wing - one game she was moved up to forward and she sed she nearly had a heart attack - she hadn’t played forward since her club days. She started playing soccer when she was 5, and started club soccer when she was 9. (brag alert…) She played club soccer for JB Marine S.C. in St. Louis. She was also all-state H.M. and all-sectional and all-conference and all-area in high school and got a full-tuition soccer scholarship out of it all. In college she won several honors - NAIA Region 5 player of the week once, national indoor tournament MVP and conference player of the week too. But I am just as proud of her all-conference academic awards, though. She realizes that her studies will take her farther than being able to kick the ball. She is majoring in secondary education and plans on being a history teacher - and a coach. She has been helping coach an area girls high school team near her college the last 3 springs. She’s doing some observing/student teaching right now but will do her main student teaching stint next fall.

We’re already suffering soccer withdrawal! Our DS also played soccer in college. he’s four years older than DD, so we’ve had a steady diet of it for a looong time. Oh well, we can watch her coach now! (Sounds a little boring actually - like watching those people playing poker on TV…)

BTW: Thanks for the suggestions, everybody! She loves surprises at WDW almost as much as I like surprising her…


Now that’s a cool surprise. How about getting one of specialty cakes from the cake lady?


wow…lol I know I would love that…mm but I have not eaten yet so that might b why that sounds soo good right now


That is such a great idea, I can’t think of a better way to take away the blues than a little surprise at WDW! :happy:


How about a surprise visit from Beckham?:wub:


Oh, that should do it. I know that would make my granddaughters day. She had to give up soccer do to health problems, but she still loves the game. She has season tickets for our Milwaukee Waves.


I think you should arrange to have me there. I am told I am quite the center of attention at all sorts of gatherings and I am sure to be a crowd pleaser :laugh:


I don’t know how I missed this!! She has accomplished quite a lot!! Good for her. My DD is only 9 now, but she would LOVE to coach little kids at soccer. She actually put it on her Christmas list!!!

What did you decide to do to add on to her surprise?


Your daughter has had a very successful career andf the ‘surprise’ you have planned is pretty terrific! I hope she gets her wish to coach. Youth soccer needs good coaches. My husband is high school boys soccer coach, and he coaches and trains my daughter’s club team and another girls team. He always comments how they need good and experienced coaches at the youth level. I hope it goes well for her.


That sounds great! :slight_smile:


Is the “little room” you will be in the wine room? If so, it is really a great place for a party! We actually prefer to dine in there when we go to Jiko. Do you know if you will be the only ones in there? It is large enough to hold mor than 10, so wonder if there will be others dining in there with you.

I think it’s really nice that you are doing that for your dd. :heart: